About the Writer

Hi.  I’m Karoline, creative, curious, optimistic and joyful. skinny

My expectations of others are honesty,  trust, compassion and loyalty .

People either remind me of Green Tea or a bunch of beautifully scented roses, each has a very opposite affect on me.

The quote with my page name is exactly how I feel

“The world can change in ten minutes”

Originally from Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire, England.

After travelling a fair bit I left the UK at 27, sold up at 28 and came to live in beautiful Andalucia In Southern Spain. First I took 4 months out to settle and explore and then found work in the tourism industry which was just what I’d left behind so it was easy to fit in. I’ll soon be 42.

Next I met Sasha my beautiful girl in a rescue centre and she’s still with me now although since meeting and marrying my husband here in Spain, our fur kid family has grown somewhat 😅



I’ve always been creative, I used to love writing at school and often wish I’d kept the files of stories, essays and poems I wrote to see how I would feel now about my 15 year old self. Screenshot_20170402-000859  I used to spend hours on Mums old typewriter,  Yet I declined Office studies classes as declared I would never work in an office! I took Sociology over French which was a shame as I was excellent at languages back then but the study of people was much more appealing and I was right!

Oh did I mention I’m pretty eccentric?


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I’m a musician who played trumpet to level 8.  It lies dormant in need of attention on top of my wardrobe, the most consistent piece of furniture that’s been in around 10 house moves over the years. I had to drop out of music at school as I was sports captain and ridiculously we couldn’t choose both in the end.

As a child I wanted to be a professional  swimmer. That’s it. My dream,  I had a council paid professional coach and I was going places!  Until I was involved in a serious RTA.  My family and teachers,  even my coaches tried to show me I could get it back but I knew I’d lost the power to compete at high level so dropped out.  Quit whilst you’re ahead was my motto even back then.

I’ve been kind of lost ever since.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a wide and varied career.  I excell and challenge myself.  I apply myself to the often seemingly impossible tasks asking myself why but I always like to say…. I Did That!  Walk the Talk or its pointless.

I was dismissed from sewing classes yet at 20 I bought a machine and taught myself creative sewing which I find very relaxing yet find little time for these days, I’ve been known to recover sofas and furnish whole houses in unique haberdashery long before I discovered the Internet.



I’ve deliberately gone months with  no Tv to make myself learn and experience more.  These days, I need my TV.

Between work, family and animal rescue work I spend hours in my garden.  I call  it the secret garden, maybe when I’ve filled it out it will be a secret, for now, it’s pretty and relaxing with stunning views across the Andalucian mountains.


FB_IMG_1489432083560I came to halt In December 2014 when I was struck by a mystery illness. I seriously thought my number was up. It’s scary and to think it explained alot of illnesses and exhaustion I’d been experiencing for a few years, it turns out to be a vitamin deficiency.  I’ve  blogged it in detail over time culminating here Living with An Invisible Illness

It wiped out years of my life and I’m getting back what I owe myself full force from now on!


I’m writing a variety of subjects at the moment whilst taking part in a 30 day blogging challenge for the first time and although I could focus on one subject which if I was writing  for business would be easy and ok, I’m using this experience to test myself on how I think and write with a variety of subjects, some planned, some spontaneously.

I hope you’re enjoying my blogs so far.

I am writing about subject I am expert in and interviewing others for their experiences in the same matters. I welcome new subject suggestions for me to research .



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  1. Great to learn more after enjoying your blogs. We share a slightly similar story, chequerboard CV, always chasing the shiny new things/ideas, and settling in a slightly unconventional home with our furry friends. Looking forward to reading more about you in the future. best wishes for your blogging “career” xx


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