aside Beauty Box

30 years ago I spent my £5 wages from the cattery I worked in on a Beauty Box.


The excitement of completing the magazine article , cutting it out and together with a postal order sending it off.

A week later, my first box arrived!

The form asked me to choose my face shape, eye colour, lip style, hair length, taste in clothes, character, age and maybe some more questions and I was to trust I would receive a package that I would enjoy and feel good wearing.

Well it happened.  They did it!  There after I sent off and received a Beauty Box monthly for the next 2 years.  I cannot recall why it stopped but I started college so maybe I cancelled it as had by now gotten a huge kit for beauty school.

I learned in college the art of colour tones, how to recognise skin tones and colours that warm a face, colours that cool a face and colours that just should not be in a person’s orb 😂

I learned how to apply makeup , paint nails the correct way and clean it all away.

I began to use a popular brand of very deep tanned make-up,  it was all the rage but it ruined my clothes so I quickly went off it.  I moved onto a new brand created by a famous billionaire entrepreneur and although I loved it, it was a. Very expensive on a student loan and b. The moisturiser came in a glass pump bottle which frustrated me towards the end and I felt was poor value.

Then I discovered AVON.  I truly loved this product brand.  By now I was working full time , had a mortgage and all those other grown up things that are just no fun at 21 but I had AVON , I had beauty products back in my life and I had a hobby.  I turned my back room into an office of beauty. I had my calendars, client list, street names ( back then we were allocated areas for door to door sales) .  I enjoyed it, the thrill of direct selling, people trying my products, joyfully welcoming me in each time I visited and delving into the latest goodies to try out some favourites before ordering.  I enjoyed the make overs, the colour choices I helped with, advice on product types and my clients teaching me about long time favourites,  especially the perfumes.  I left it all behind when I left the UK in my late 20s.


I missed it

Until now

Now, I have my AVON back. I have my beauty box bigger than ever.  I have my products. My dressing table is a wonderment again with products I have never doubted or struggled with instead of trawling the shops wondering will this do? will that be ok? I wonder how this feels? Or is the cream a good one

 I have it, I know it and I love it.


More. I am creating joy again.

Providing old and new , known and unknown ,  recommending and sharing reviews.

Helping ladies who struggle to know what suits, what works , want a change but don’t know how.

I will be bringing product news, client testimonies , blog, photos and videos.

I am the AVON LADY again and I’m loving it!

Take a look at my Website shop   which if you visit via Google chrome will translate to your language.

I personally deliver in my local area of Alhaurin el Grande, Mijas Costa & surrounding areas.  For all other enquiries I welcome you to email here

Keep up to date on my Facebook Page

Keep discovering.

Love Karoline



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