5 Simple Rules towards Happiness

Karoline Simone Boxed Beauty

It’s internatonal world happiness day!   So instead of thinking about making the world happy I thought we can focus on making ourselves happy.   If you take the time to make your own life a happy place to be in then imagine the whole world doing the same.  The world in that moment would be smiling,  giving, receiving and not fighting.  Impossible but not impossible to fix our very own world……YOU.

Free your heart from hatred

It’s a really strong word, hate.  Hate this, hate that  hate how this made me feel.  Hate.

Say it.  Did it make you feel calm? I hate the word hate.  It gives me negative vibes, makes me feel anxious, is something or someone going to zap my energy for the rest of my life or am I going to let it go?

I have had so many terrible life changing, no going  back…

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