aside Extraordinary Solutions: Fly Repellent

So, here in the south of Spain, we are plagued by the common fly.  It gets worse towards November when they start to die off.   I’ve been thinking, what do they not like?  Stop them arriving in the home in the first instance and risk death by swat?!

I covered the windows in fly net, velcro around the frame and white mesh all around it, does it stop? No, of course not, I have cats that pull at the net until they can get in, followed by the flies!

Take a look at how my imagination works.  I looked up which plants flies dislike and have started filling my summer terrace with lavender that I have dotted around the yard.  Next I will look at lemongrass.

So recently, I purchased some essential oils.  View the Essential Oils here

For this experiment, of course I am going to use Lavender essential oil.

I also bought some Water Crystals One example here

There are loads on the market, I have no idea why but our local places don’t stock them anymore.

A little food colouring from the local supermarket and hey presto, you have the following, pretty filling for your jars and vases around the home.

Choose a jar or vase
Take 2 x measure Gel Crystals
Pour into Jar (It really is a tiny amount and can be increased to suit later)
Add 3 drops of essential oil
Add tepid water (not too much, the gel is going to swell)
2 Drops of food colouring of choice
Use something thin to spin, I used a chop stick, it can create a design or a whole colour, you decide

I love this, I will venture out for more colours and research the essential oils more but essentially I am now enjoying a never ending, fly repelling air freshener without the chemically enhanced extras that perfume the zone with traditional shop bought room fresheners!

The gel will dry out back to seed looking like fine sand, just top up with water and smell, if it needs it, just add a little new essential oil drops.

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I will be sharing more great ideas this week.

Love Karoline

Karoline Simone

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