There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature. – Jane Austen

We are in the depths of a heatwave…again and my husband who is ultimately my best friend informs me he is going for a dip in the pool.  I was not dressed appropriately so i unfurled myself and just plunged in.  He was laughing at my brashness.  We do live on a mountain top!

I open my eyes to find him laughing at me! Why?  Well, as he was busy pushing his dog Poppy around the pool on her boat, I was doing Ai Chi, a method of water thai chi i read about last night.  I was relaxing and clearing my mind, starkers in the pool and he was laughing which ended up with me laughing and the whole exercise gone…..until tomorrow.


Who is Your Friend?

The one who understands your silence

The friend who will be a balance in the seesaw of life

They who considers your needs before your deservings

He or she who is true to themself and therefore must be true to you

The one who reaches the top of the ladder yet does not forget you if you are at the bottom

He who is the same today when prosperity smiles upon you and tomorrow when adversity and sorrows come

She who cheerfully comes in when all the world has gone out, who weeps with you when the laughter has stopped

He who guards your interests as his own, neither flatters nor decieves, gives praise for your good deeds and equally condemns your bad ass

She who is the same as you in the society of the wealthy and proud as in the solitude of poverty, whose cheerful smile radiates sunshine in every company.

This is your friend

The Two Ronnies


If I knew you and you knew me

if both of us could clearly see

and with an inner sight devine

the meaning of your heart and mine

i’m sure that we would differ less

and clasp our hands in friendlinessUntitled design

our thoughts would pleasantly agree


if i knew you and you knew me

Nixon Waterman



The Friend Who Just Stands By

When trouble comes your soul to try

You love the friend who “Just stands by”

Perhaps there’s nothing she can do

The “thing” is strictly up to you

For there are troubles of just your own

and paths the soul must tread alone

Times when love cannot smooth the road

Nor friendship lift the heavy load

But just to know you have a friend

Who will stand by until the end

Whose empathy through all endures              Screenshot_20170319-180434

Whose warm embrace is always yours

It helps some ways to pull you through

Although there’s nothing she can do

And so with fervent heart you cry

“God Bless The Friend Who Just Stands By”


*Never forget how important you once thought your friend was because the moment you forget you can be sure someones heart broke a little more.

Karoline Simone

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