aside 5 Ways to Get in Shape this Summer

Hi, I’m Karoline and recently I gained alot of weight through illness.  The illness made me crave sugar.

So if like me you want to start losing those pounds let’s look at the different ways that people do this.

I put out a post on Facebook recently asking my friends some questions and some of them offered more than i expected.

  1. My first tips personally are to cut back on the sugar, reduce the teaspoons added to your cup of tea or coffee, in fact reduce the number of teas and coffees. sugar

2. Start Moving.  If you aren’t a runner it’s fine. Don’t join a gym right away. Don’t make too many changes that you will give up on. Get a great pair of sneakers and walk as much as possible, don’t sit on the couch all day.

3. Stop drinking fizzy drinks, diet drinks are not great either, i will write about that in a whole other blog but first, get into the habit of drinking water.   Some people do it naturally, others it’s a real chore but if you can get in the habit of waking up to a glass, going to bed with a glass, drinking a glass with every meal then you’re starting well.

4. Eat less.  Take all the food you would normally eat and take a smaller plate. Fill the plate as normal, not overloaded and see that you are enjoying the foods you always eat but less. Eat slowly.  The food will digest in around 20 minutes.  If after 20 minutes you are not satisfied, grab an apple.  You have to get your body used to consuming less.

The food you choose is important and for me it can’t be complicated.  I don’t have time for complicated so i choose non processed foods wherever possible.  A can of tuna with a chopped tomato as a snack is going to do far more for the body than a bag of crisps.

5. Batch preparing. Home made bolognese made as batch in the slow cooker provides prepared food for a few days so in those times when you cannot find the energy to think about cooking or are tempted to grab a quick processed microwave meal then you can dip into the slow cooker.  Prepare and freeze portions of everything you enjoy.  Then serve on a bed of lettuce or courgette or something other than pasta and chips.

So those are MY basics of food without following any regime.  Start moving.  Make a routine of chores or fun but stick to it because on those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed you must.  A pet helps.  A dog or a cat relies on you to function.

So. What were the results from my Facebook questions?

1. What made you decide to want to lose weight?
2. What were the first key things you did?
3. What made you fail…. if you did?
4. If you lost weight then regained quickly, do you know why?

David Spencer had these answers


1 My dad was overweight and died at 52.
2 Started running 🏃💪
3 Up and down.

4 Never going back to being over 17 stones againDavid Losing Weight


I asked David if he would mind sharing his story as there is always something more to peoples weight loss need and the more we know we aren’t alone…

“I thought it was how it was supposed to be being fat , only because my dad was and he always seem happy. I didn’t get fat until I first got married at about 19 . Then I didn’t care about myself because I had everything, wife, house good job . I think it all changed when my dad passed away in front of me when we went to the football. It’s a night I will never forget, being with him and I couldn’t say goodbye. It was then I had to do something about my weight, I wasn’t going to go down the same road as my dad , even though I thought he was happy being the big man. Once I started going to the gym and doing half marathons it all changed. I met my lovely wife Julie and had a fantastic son Aidan. The thought of my son not having a dad keeps me going to the gym or running outside on the road. I never thought I could do it being over 17 stones, but anything is possible. I am now training for my first ever full marathon next year in Brighton. And believe me I am shitting myself already.”

Such a sad yet inspiring story, David is concentrating on his health with his family always in his mind, they need him.  Do we need a better reason to get in shape?

Thanks for following my blog.  If you would like to share a story, please fill out the contact form.  I will be sharing some more responses covering types of diets that people follow some with success, others without.


Have a lovely day y’all

Karoline Simone


  1. […] Welcome to my honest discoveries of weight loss and maintaining weight for good health.  so far I have been telling my story of my fat discovery! I know! How did I not see it happening?  To my discovery that I personally cannot follow a plan, not where food is concerned so as time goes on I am sharing my findings and how I am losing weight by mindset.  Finally, I wrote about David Spencer who I interviewed on his HUGE weight loss and transformation of himself for the better, how and why. See the interview here 5 Ways to Get in Shape this Summer […]


  2. Hey there! I think what you are doing is awesome! It can be so difficult to get back into the habit of making healthy choices every single day. I have definitely been there! I recently shared some of my personal tips that I use to look and feel my best. Maybe they can help you too 🙂


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