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Animals In Distress in Southern Spain are begging for support, desperate for help to make life better for injured, dumped, bereaved and abused animals.


Donations are needed urgently.

After reading this blog you can see more at the Facebook Page and Website for Animals In Distress cpt_1495091055415

We need to raise money like never before as charity supported foster homes dried up, demand rose and we had no choice but to seek and take on a shelter years after we had given one up due to lack of funds and help.  I will show you photos of the shelter, the dogs, the pups, the cats.  I will demonstrate the costs involved each month.  Please, please don’t stop reading.  When you have and you made a decision of whether you want to donate to help, please do share this.  Joe and Jan aren’t young people yet they work day and night to keep this going.

joe working kennel

Saving a Life is One thing – A gift

Giving Life is Something Else

It requires

“time, money, love, people, volunteers, space, shelter, patience, dedication, love, money.”

Somebody save that dog!  I hear it all the time.  There is it seems, a new little ball of fur to rescue on every corner, or tree, or drain, or road…


Animals in Distress currently are responsible solely for 86 dogs and puppies and a dozen cats and kittens.  It all needs donations, money.

So far this year, 50 dogs have found forever homes with the hard work of Joe and Jan and their few close knit volunteers.  This involves rescuing from the street or countryside, immediate vet check ups € often operations or treatments with the vet.  Then begins the care. Settling into the shelter, constant attention, teaching, feeding, medicating. The networking in several languages to find homes, hours spent emailing, writing websites, Facebook, conversing, homechecking until it’s done for each animal in their care.

12 year old Nina was Injured and lay in the road, torn in 2 almost

Then there is the airport,  the vet checks prior to leaving if going abroad,  the sourcing of the flight companion,  buying the carry crates. Saying goodbye and praying the new family updates them.  Non of it is possible without the €uros. simone at airport

Then there are the others, the dogs and cats that local people can’t keep up with when something goes badly wrong, they can’t feed them, vet them, maybe a terrible injury or death.  Then there are the  finders who occasionally offer to take on the lost soul they found but truly need help to begin with.

The puppies found in bags in dumpsters, tied into boxes on the roadside, tied to trees. dying.


puppy beds

The foster homes of which there are few, are not left to manage financially, they are brought food, medicines and use the vets who work with Animals in

Sometimes a dog cannot cope with shelter life no matter how good it is and foster homes being so short in offering makes it difficult to fix this.


So……. Not only was a wonderful shelter built from the ground up almost as you will see in the photos but a huge play area, 24/7 volunteers ensuring no one sits in their pens for long other than bed time on a rolling basis throughout the day the dogs play in their packs and are walked on leads and do trained and loved and shown what love can bring.

Some dogs go to Animals in Distress so traumatised that heavy duty gloves are needed and a dedicated person to hold and comfort and tease back into life and they do it!


Dedication…. for free.  Except it’s not free is it?  The shelter needs paying for, the running costs, food, vet care, pippets, travel boxes,  beds, fuel, toys, leads, harnesses, collars, tic and flea treatments and with temperatures that can soar to 50 degrees in summer, shade in the yard.17903864_1475904025787937_8466776588953752802_n



A second plot of land next door has been established, a door is being made through from the shelter and new outdoor pens will be built, with the help of donations it means that the dogs can be outside all day, they can play in the sunshine, rest in the shade, feel good and not be cooped up in pens at all!  When it’s time for bed, they go to bed.  It’s like you can hear a pin drop the dogs are so happy because they’re so well cared for, they don’t know there’s much more that’s needed to be done or that what they have already hasn’t been paid for  yet. They don’t know the bill that arrives when they went to see the nice vet, they don’t know their food costs money or the roof over their heads.   All these dogs know is that once upon a time, life was very sad, very miserable, very dangerous, filled with peril and fear and hunger and sickness and births… they learned life is and can be …… nice and friendly and welcoming and relaxing and all they want is love.

So far the build is looking to cost in excess of 17,000 euros with almost 6000 raised

The shelter build included fixing up a cabin for visiting volunteers who just now are vert few.  A caravan base Was cemented and a second hand caravan was purchased for a 24 hour volunteer.



Alot of hard work has gone in and is still going in, it’s hard with few helpers and little help with donations and fundraisong but it will be done one way or another.





The shelter is being transformed slowly.  On average the outgoings per month without the shelter build are in excess of 6,000 euros.  The charity is not lazy, they have a charity shop and furniture warehouse which relies on donated good for selling and customers to buy.  Oh and of course, volunteers, of which there is never enough.  Often Jan is ringing around of an evening asking if someone can cover the shop.

After reading this blog you can see more at the Facebook Page and Website

for Animals In Distress , Southern Spain

Our friends with paws thank you for reading, sharing and helping if you can.

Please press this link to donate It will take you to the website of Animals In Distress



Are you an animal lover?


Karoline Simone

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