image Buy One Get One Free

Adored words ringing in the ears of a shopper

The sacrilegious words of anyone who loves to shop and even worse if it involves food.

You went to the store to buy something specific and there it is in HUGE letters!


You start to think, thinking is bad.  “ I want, I want, I need, I must have iiiiiiit!!

We start to justify this purchase in our mind.  We walk on by, look back, run back, grab the product before it changes it’s mind and ensure the second FREE purchase is in our sweaty hands and subsequently in our shopping basket.

Not ONLY that!! We go on to purchase the original food item we entered the store to buy!

Then! Then! We get the greed factor! This special offer may not be on tomorrow!!

We go back to the special Buy one Get one Free aisle and purchase more of the “I didn’t come here to buy you” product!

Are the Worst 5 Words for Weight Loss (1)

So by now reading this blog post, you are imagining yourself, myself, someone you know and you are either falling about squealing with laughter at the image or you’re cringing as you know, you know how it is and we do this.  We people who are fat who desire to be less fat, we buy more than we need and then we HAVE to eat it! Right?!

So I am not a preacher of fat or weight loss.  I am simply voicing my thoughts to help myself tackle the bulk before it’s too late.  Plus I want to enjoy life without restrictions because believe me, I was never a fat person who said I was happy with extra weight, I knew I was restricted, in the feeling of fabrics I wanted to wear, in photos where I loved how i looked in the mirror but who the hell took my place in those photos???

So I made some changes, admittedly small changes but slowly I see changes in myself and I moooooooooove so much more freely.  This matters alot to me in my busy life, I have no capacity in my life to become restricted, I tried it and it just doesn’t work for me.

I began by reading about Paleo which is apparently the most reviewed diet method on Google.  It’s going back to our ancestors in the cave woman age where hunter gatherer was the food source.  Not our modern added extras, processed foods, all was natural and how it should be.  I do not follow a strict paleo diet but in subsequent blog postings I will share some of the ideas that help me.  I don’t like that the primitive diet bans dairy for example but I do like that it encourages protein and discourages sugars and carbs leading to sugars which quickly turns to fat.  Fat does not make fat, sugar makes fat.

Sugar is my struggle these days so this will be an ongoing personal battle against the sugar tooth.  HOWEVER!  I have lost 20kg ( I don’t weigh often) so I am more active HOOOOORAAAAH!!!!! So if science and the universe are kind to me, the protein will help me and the sugar won’t matter.  Baloney! I need to eat less sugar.

Begin at the beginning to lose weight, Buy Less, Eat Less.

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