Start losing weight in 8 steps

I am a loser


I am a loser



Now apply this to weight loss.  The more you think it, the sooner it will happen.

Mind over matter is works

That is as long as you put some thought into it and…….preparation


There are some simple steps we can all take to change our way of thinking, understand some changes are necessary and recognise the real demons in our diet that seem healthy.

I am throwing out all the rules basically because I am terrible at following rules.

For some people, total discipline by following specific eating routines and structures are necessary but I know there are many people who like me, go at a slimming diet structure with all the oomph we can muster, see fast results, feel like we’ve achieved and then……fall back into bad habits and wonder what went wrong so give up.  It wasn’t so enjoyable after all.

So, surely it’s time to rethink the habits, make a new structure in our personal eating lives and go for something that we can and will enjoy and continue with little effort in the future.fat icecream

This week I have written about my findings, my yo yo dieting, my struggles with food both over eating and under eating and now in my 40’s finding out what it is exactly that my body and mind come together on to give me harmony in life whilst getting back a trimmer, fitter self to go on and into latter years without feeling like an old bag.

My delight began when I opened a magazine and found something called Paleo

In fact it was Paleo 80/20

That is, good for 80 percent of a week and 20 percent of a week be a bit naughty.  The key I found is that this naughty part can be present in every single day.  It might take longer but at least it’s working.

Paleo is a list of goods and bads and as I said previously, I don’t follow rules so well so although i have this paleo in my mind I have to be free to exercise common sense.

My biggest downfalls are lack of preparation so this is going to be my focus for the next week.  Preparing meals ahead of time, ensuring I have good snacks and meals in the fridge and store cupboard as well as a couple of naughtys for those moment when I need a treat.   I am finding that as long as I stick in the main to unprocessed foods which is the basis of Paleo then I am feeling less bloated, I am shrinking and my energy levels are soaring.

 I have been honest about myself, my mistakes and my triumphs.

Here’s a quick look

  1.  Recognising I am fat and am ballooning out of control  OMG! I eat too much!fat2




2. My comical idea of how fat works. It’s unimportant if it’s true, it’s how I vision it and therefore can deal with it. Why Am I Fat? thinking




3.Thinking that juicing my fruit instead of eating it was a good thing!  It’s not! Fruit Juice for slimming? No sireeeejiuce




4.Measuring myself and having fun with food Losing weight shouldn’t be a chorefat tape

5.Symptomatic weight gain, how I felt. Actionfat junk food

6. Dispelling some old wives tales To Bread or Not to Breadbread

7.A few things I did to start the weight loss process, some of it fun, some it…well….Give up the habits

Weighing In

8. Is just saying, we can DO THIS.  Small changes with a goal in mindbikini




If you are in need of a real, comfortable, manageable way of losing weight but are sat there thinking you’re on your own, you’ve a huge lack of motivation, everyone around you seems to have it sorted, no one will understand or take you seriously. Maybe if you speak you feel too pressured. Where on earth will you start without making a song and dance about it? Then stay with me.  I am on this ride, no longer a rollercoaster and I am on my way down.

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Karoline Simone


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