Why Does Bread Make Me Fat?

Welcome to my straight talking, diet free, weight loss sharing blog.  I am not fantasising, I am a fat person looking forward to living in a smaller body and I am on my way there simply by getting real with my self expectations, taking myself off and having a strong word and now I am sharing it with you. Sometimes as it happens in the moment.

Making positive changes will lead to a healthier future, following traditional or fad diets doesn’t work for me.

The great news is that Bread Does not Make Fat in the sense we think.

Prepacked foods are laced in additives and sugars and hidden extras our body doesn’t need and this will be talked about in later blogs.

However, we can change the amount of bread eaten just like anything else we’re eating.

Eat Less,  make it a mantra.

Now….back to bread.  There is some more good news.  Eating whole grain bread will make you feel fuller so you actually can eat less bread without giving it up.

Eating less of everything will stop the blurb.

There are diets out there that require strict regimes of cutting out the carbs but carbs are essential in our diet but more than we need or are active enough to burn off will turn to fat just like sugars in fruit juices and what’s more, cutting out the grain bread will result in a loss of a simple source of fibre, B vitamins, magnesium and iron.

So, this myth of not eating bread solely to lose weight needs stamping out.  Many of us were brought up with a plate of bread in the middle of the table to accompany all of our meals, we were active children who played out in the street, who played in the park and participated in sport.  We then grew up and didn’t grow out of this which simply formed a bread eating meal time habit.  What we did grow out of was finding the time for play.  So we are OVER EATING it really is this simple.


However, if we have a bread habit that is hard to kick, let’s be sensible and look at the sensible things…..because if you do love a sandwich and you give it up, what will you replace it with? What will satisfy you without gaining weight and then will you give up the weight loss?  Sadly it’s a story of many…

  1. Choose grain breads to fill us up and consume less.
  2. Eat until satisifed, not full to bursting, in fact stop before you think you’ve finished. Have a break.  It takes around 20 minutes to digest food so slow down, the faster you eat, the more you will consume and the fatter you will become before your body alerts you it’s all too late!
  3. If that last mouth full is going to leave you uncomfortable, leave it!  Don’t eat it. The whole point of my exercise of writing these blogs is to tell you,  eat less.  Don’t push your body to accept all the food on offer and your body will naturally expect a little less next time and in time will shrink it’s expectations.
  4. Don’t stop eating, your body will store food you consume if it thinks you are going to starve it and grasp hold of any subsequent food you put in it in case you decided to forget for a while, therefore creating a no weight loss scenario or YoYo weight.
  5. Eat the foods you enjoy…….. JUST LESS OF IT
  6. Cook. Prepare. Enjoy.

Tomorrow, I am going to highlight the week and begin on some exercise in my life.  Wish me luck.

P.s. Thank you for your email this morning Sharon, It’s good to know you’re following my blog 🙂

Karoline Simone


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