image Lose Weight and Look Great in a Bikini


” You can’t be serious!?  I’m so overweight, I’ll Never lose weight and I’ve worn my last bikini”






I can hear you thinking it because I’ve been there…..thinking.

Welcome to my “My Fat Self” blog.  If you’ve found yourself here, you are wishing you could lose weight, or you’re looking for inspiration of how to do it in a way that the only impact it makes on your life is a comfortable one, a way of living life AND losing the Fat.

I’ve also thought about losing weight.

Thinking…..Where will thinking get us in the big scheme of things?thinking

Not far!

So I thought millions of times of joining a gym (again), buying a trampoline. Spending money. On what?  A membership I wouldn’t use? A trampoline to go unused and ultimately perish in the outdoors.  One day I might but to lose weight there are actions to take in the first instance that won’t result in rapid “giving up”. Spending money on something to change my body without understanding  my mindset needs to change first?

Before you say those ultimately draining words “I’m going on a diet” ….. again 

First say ” I must change”  ….. ” I must make changes in my life” ….. Little changes will result in less stress, more success and a healthier, happier future.

1.Get Active and get outdoors

Walk around the Local Garden Centre

Whilst Walking around the garden centre looking for plants, you are actually moving! Go figure!  It’s the very simple things In life that we need to grasp onto.

Start Gardening

Bending, lifting, swapping plant places, commitment to being on your feet daily caring for your garden plants, pots, hangers, watching them grow will give you the determination not to give up.  On top of this, you’re working your mind, thinking of plans for the pots, the garden, the flowers and arrangements AND you are forgetting about all else in your life and being self indulgent without hitting the fridge.  PLUS the benefits of the great outdoors is mood lifting.  It doesn’t matter how many breaks you take, who’s watching?  What matters is that you keep going.

2. Adopt a dog.

Make a friend and go for long walks.  Companionship of a dog is like no other. Playing, picking lemons, dashing for the ball, just general walking, it’s all less lonely with a dog.   There a zillions of poor pooches in volunteer rescue centres desperate to become the centre of someones happiness and plenty of inactive, lonely people who don’t yet know that adopting a dog could save their life in more ways than one. Your adopted dog will also listen and not judge, will encourage you and not judge, will give you confidence and share it with you.  Your mind will clear and your body will become more mobile.  Your life will change.dog1

3. Eat less.

It’s hardly revolutionary but it does need saying


It’s this simple. We are not talking about too much change yet.  We’re talking about changing something. So eat less of whatever you are currently eating.  Can you do this?

the above is surely enough for today? “

So let’s make step 4 this…..

Stop thinking. Thinking about doing something, thinking about being slimmer, fitter, healthier. Stop comparing yourself to someone else, to friends, neighbours, colleagues, family members.  Stop worrying about how you look in that bikini today because unless you get it on and take that dip to ultimate exercise it really lies unimportant.Screenshot_20170329-135946

Stop thinking that how YOU look in that bikini matters to anyone other than yourself because ultimately no one really cares.

Self mental well being matters. Being happy in life matters. Feeling achieved matters.

When I met my husband I wore a UK size ten expensive itsy bitsy bikini which he washed and ruined.  I then ruined my chances of getting in it anyway so in the end it worked out fine.   I then went through all this personal trauma of never wearing a bikini again, of being too self conscious of my FAT, of increasing my dress size by 6 sizes to the point of I was just thinking about fitting in that bikini and ……… eating.

I stopped thinking, started taking action and now I wear a different model of bikini, somewhere in the middle of those sizes I described and i feel …… nice.  I actually feel less self conscious now than I did when  I was in that itsy bitsy bikini.  Why? I grew my inner self confidence 😁

less fat

I am not skinny but I feel good.  Isn’t this the most important part of all?

I saw this photo and declared to my husband ” I like this,I feel womanly like a 50s goddess” haha.

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Join me tomorrow when I’ll be talking about a subject which often crops up in conversations with fellow fat losers AND wannabees, Bread!…. 

Karoline Simone

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