Where Did My Weight Loss Go Wrong?

We all have that burning question….    It can’t be Sooooo difficult can it?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Weighing In

Personally, I challenged myself too far.

Knowing I am Fat is Not Enough for me to simply stop my habits.  I am not a dedicated person to counting calories or how many good and bad foods to eat everyday (I have tried it, to some results but too restrictive for me to continue) so I have to do it my way.

Habit Changing

It’s sensible, results achievable and life changing in a very practical and ongoing manner.  My blogs will be covering MY story and without it being all consuming for a reader, I will be writing a topic tip each day to accompany a story of how it makes me feel.  Maybe it will help you too?

I can’t have so much information in my head all in one go, life is toooo busy to have a whole regime thrown at me in one shot, so with regimes out the window…. I am losing the fat.  Not burning it yet I might add, just losing.

I decided to try cutting things out before I was ready.  I then had a brain wave of doing a 30 day water challenge where the only liquid to pass my lips was water!! Some people can do this…..I CANNOT!  water

So, I did feel after 5 days of this that I had gone crazy, zero caffeine was not good for me.   I don’t drink alcohol except for maybe once or twice a year at a wedding or suchlike so at least I have this edge on myself.

fat coffee

Cutting down on the number of coffees per day is more realistic to me and once I grasped this, it was an easier thought.  I do however drink 3 litres of water everyday and my skin for a start is much better than in years gone by.

I am less bloated, tick number one.  Water is good for flushing out the system taking all those bad ass extras my body was thinking of absorbing with it.

Where else did I go wrong in previous attempts to lose the fat?  I weighed myself tooooooooo often!  I focused on that measure tape too much!  Where does that allow for those family days of eating for fun? So I got bored which is better than anxious. Or where was the allowance for the menstrual ups and downs that come along with being a woman?  Nowhere….. it leads to obsession, anxieties and depression for many.


So, as I wrote yesterday, measure the vital parts of your body and store the scribbles away.  The clothes you wear are the story tellers.  Never throw out your old favourite trousers or frock but as you shrink, don’t hoard the entire fat wardrobe, it’s too tempting to grow back into.  Wear the favourite clothes, take a good selfie or ask a trusted friend to do a full length shot and pop that away in a file for later.  My measurements were done in January 2016, then again in January 2017 and I still did not make a comparison.  I don’t want to be obsessed with numbers.

The bloated feeling is what is going to dissipate long before the fat noticeably starts to disappear.  This will be making you feel lighter, your arms will move more freely, your mind will work faster, your bum will leave the seat much more smoothly. You will become more mobile.

Whatever you’re doing, make sure that drinking water is part of it, in huge amounts daily.

So the lesson of the day, ditch the fizzy drinks, limit the other habitual drinks and start drinking water.

If you’re enjoying my daily fat ramblings, please leave a comment or press the heart.

See you tomorrow

Karoline Simone



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