image Oh Crap! I’m Ballooning Out Of Control

So here I was on Halloween 2016

Thank goodness it’s blurred!!!halloween





And here I was just 12 months earlier



What happened?  I ATE TOO MUCH CRAP!

See I was talking with a friend today who also wants to lose weight and we confessed our weaknesses..  Mine is a sweet tooth fairy with wings made of sparkling sugar, she takes posession of me, ties me down and spoon feeds sugar into my mouth whilst my polite self sits there and lets her do it!

My friends thing is the bread and potato devil sitting on her shoulder saying “Go on….just get the bigger baguette, oooooooh, look a beautiful Potato!!!”

There are loads of reasons for over eating, I won’t use the word excuse yet because reasons are good, I for example was recovering from a debilitating illness and getting to grips with how to manage the side effects and symptoms whilst taking comfort in sweet foods.  I had not had a sweet tooth before, no the usual reasons for weight gain with me are simple, i like savoury food and when i cook it I eat the whole lot, even if i had planned the cooking to freeze for a week!  So there’s my reason.  My friend agreed with me, people who say they don’t know why they are fat or never losing weight and claim to not eat much….are lying to themselves.  I don’t mince my words, I am a fat person living in a smaller body now.

Oftentimes I will hear someone say “oh, i need to join the gym, I am getting so fat!” Well it’s a valid sentence in accepting the fat but naive to believe that joining a gym will sort this out.  First off, when I was THIS size…….

fat2there’s not a cat in hells chance that my body would even have moved my tush over the doorstop to the gym!  No sireeee,  the only place this fat arse was going was the fridge!  Or at a push, the takeaway of choice.

Here’s an excuse I used with myself, it wasn’t untrue but it was solvable sooner than I admitted it to myself.  So, I have a vitamin deficiency and even when I was sporty and fit and healthy, at no point did anyone mention vitamins!  So when this weight began to creep on, in the beginning I went to a local gym class, bought the gym wear, fluffed myself in through the door with my pink lycra and sweat bands and joined the local Bokwa class.  My coordination was all over the place but I had fun, worked up a sweat and felt a bit better.  Problem was, the exercise itself depleted my vitamins faster than the nurse was giving it to me. So that was that.  I gave up!

Food is the way you gain weight.  Food is a delicious necessary of life and I LOVE it!  Sometimes a little too much.

In my subsequent blogging I will write about what I did once i acknowledged the weight gain fat, if you think my method of eating and losing weight might work for you (at no point is there a sales pitch just raw honesty), you’re most welcome to join me in my ramblings.  However, the first writings are about honesty, recognition of action and change.

Karoline Simone 




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