quote Fruit Juice?

This photo was taken when i was clearly in denial.  I knew i had gained weight but when i saw photos from a dinner party I had attended in Spring 2016, i knew I had to act. Fast!

fat2I had intentionally began eating fruit and trying to avoid the gummy sweets I had taken to so delightfully and easily. I had been ill and lost all sense of taste, the sweet tooth had been my saviour in recovery, except the illness had blinded me in more ways than one and even worse, i was inactive not through choice but by the time this photo had been taken had I not gained so much weight maybe my recovery would have been faster.  I have since discovered that my metabolism had been affected by a lack of vitamins.  Vitamin research matters and I’m not there yet so that’s  a whole other blog i think.  Then there are the new diseases on the up, diabetes type 2, thyroids, ibs and many more that can be attributed to diet.  I am no expert, i write totally from my own experiences and findings and I have been at it for more than 20 years since finding myself in the complexity of living in an adult female body, it’s only now I fear I must heed my own knowledge and harness it before it’s too late.

So I was happy, believing I had made a positive step.  We have orange groves, lemons groves, lime trees and more and i invested in a juicer.  Hey! I’m drinking fresh fruit juice and instead of full Coca Coca I’ve replaced it with zero etc.  Did it work? No!  Course not. Why?  Well, although I was teasingly but memorably educated in fat cells and commonsense in the eating of fat and over eating, i was not educated in natural sugars.  Here’s a tip “Eat your orange, don’t juice it!”  So eating an orange can give you much needed vitamin C and fiber which will slow the digestion of sugars and it fills you up as a food.  Try it, eat an orange, do you feel satisfied?  Now, blend that orange for juice….. how many oranges are you blending for that juice to feel worthwhile?  This is when you lose the benefits of the fruit when it means your natural sugar intake increases, you lose the fiber and may as well have reached for an average can of fizzy drink.


There’s more!  This is really just an example of one thing i was doing well without really undertanding that I was actually doing bad…. by my body.

So.  Sugar. We need it. In moderation.  Sugar is the biggest factor in obesity .  I prefer the word Fat! It’s honest.   Sugar turns into fat if the body takes in too much to process


Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat.  Avoid eating fat, still get and be fat.  Sugar is everywhere.  So what did I do?

I don’t know where I was but i picked up a magazine.  The kind where on page 11 it’s all about getting that bikini body, page 12 is a double page spread on cooking with sugar everywhere, page 13 is about a fad diet of losing a stone or 2 sizes in an unrealistic and unsustainable time without going insane!  Page 15….. aaahhhhh, page 15, now this was refreshing.  It had guidelines on basic food types and a clear explanation of food additives and sugars both natural and refined.  That was it. simple.

I took this and ran with it.   In order to lose weight, you must be prepared to put in some preparation time.  I chose my as Sunday afternoon marathon cooking sessions, cooking, packaging and freezing ready meals homemade with no additives.

Avoid processed foods! The big screaming banner!!!

Unprocessed food was once again welcomed into my world.  Now some will say it’s restrictive but it isn’t.   I wasn’t ready to eat less but i was prepared to follow some basic instruction to get me started and for 8 weeks i cooked very simple foods, chicken diced with a dash of olive oil, fresh copped lemon and garlic, sometimes some coriander leaves and more flavours i could cut from the garden. In the oven it went.  The tray below i covered in chopped fresh vegetables and tomatoes whole.  Next i divided everything into portions in take a way trays and freezed.  It meant i could eat lots, non of it processed so no need to check labels for additives and disguised glucoses and added salts.  A dash of mustard and i was away.  Salmon was another main ingredient.  For snacks, i took brocolli and cauliflower and got more adventurous with more vegtables, i made small steamed portions into snack size tubs and shook a little white pepper in, it actually gave my pallet a sense of eating a curry!

If i got to the stage where I needed to grab food, i just grabbed another snack pot or meal from the freezer, my reasoning being that this was better than a bag of crisps, a chocolate bar or even a can of processed food full of additives.

I did it this way to stop me thinking too much but the more you learn about this method cooking, the more adventurous you can get.

If you need a drink, drink water in abundance, it encourages the body to convert fibres and washes away toxins.  Nothing happens over night but if you don’t feel like you’re over thinking by counting calories or reading labels on processed foods then it’s a good place to start.

Just avoid all the stuff that isn’t natural.  The magazine article was about the 80/20 method and I liked this.

80/20 means that 20 per cent of the time you can default and eat cheese! Eat potatoes! Eat what you want.  The biggest thing is reverting to yesterdays writings, it’s all about how much of everything you put into your body.  Have a glass of wine, eat something naughty, trust me though when you get in this method with preparation and especially if you add a cooked whole tomato which when you slice into it oozes sweetness, your sweet tooth tends to dissipate.   Boil and peel eggs ready for a snack.  I love this but my fridge stinks somedays hahaha.

Of course, In the beginning I was 100 per cent natural , non of the 20 per cent cheating and that’s a good thing.  If you have the time and can research yummy recipes and stick with the principles 100 per cent of the time, your body will respond 100 per cent better.  I just don’t believe everyone can be 100 per cent good 100 per cent of the time so having a sneaky cheat is good for the soul.  Remember though, you have to be honest with you, because it’s you who you want to better yourself for.

So, this is the very basics of my fat shrinking without feeling like i spent my time worrying about artificial sugars, natural sugars, sugar is the basics of obesity…..fat gain.

Juicing an orange as compared to eating it is just one small example.  Apples hold much in the way of fiber, bananas are good for potassium, all fruits are encouraged in life but in the natural form.  You eat an orange, remember, you ate.  You juice 3 oranges and your body will turn unused sugar into fat as your liver was overloaded.

I will continue to write more as I am now going to get more adventurous in my cooking.

Here is  very simple outline of paleo, remember, it won’t suit everyone and if you have a medical condition, changing of diet should always be discussed with your medics in case it encourages you to eat something prohibited or vice versa.

I’m just writing about what works for me.


So, this is me one year ago, me today and me ten years ago when I was doing all i am now but without realising it.

fat2less fatthin

I will write more on recipes and discoveries for those who like me, need simple teaching of the food we put in our bodies, the effects those choices have and how  by making a little effort can begin to reverse the damage we have been doing.

In case you missed yesterdays posting, visit  Why Am I Fat?



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