aside Just Where IS this place “Mowameadow”?

Just reading some of my past blogs and this one just makes me smile. Alot!

Karoline Simone Boxed Beauty

So I was sitting  In  the office today.

Actually, as per normal in the office today I was swinging from chandeliers when my friend tells me that In Australia  when the water drains from the bath plug, it goes in the opposite direction to that in Spain. Southern hemisphere versus Northern hemisphere.

Who the hell knew that? I’m almost 42 years old and I had no clue!

Why did I not know?


When  I was growing up, perhaps I was 6 years old.

We rehearsed like crazy and eventually performed in the village hall a rendition of “One Man Went to Mow-a-Meadow ”

One man went to Mow…….

Went to Mowameadow ……

We were ten girls, dressed like farmers (scarecrows actually) stood in a line.  We were “townies”

When I was 16, I called to my boyfriends house in the countryside and asked for his whereabouts,  his mother told me.

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