aside So…What Does A Tyre and A Loaf Of Bread Have In Common?

I bet this isn’t a question you’ve often asked yourself!

The answer is…..

Not that in 2008 the average consumption per Grand Prix weekend amounted to 1,800 bread rolls amongst the other food items.

Nor is it that Amol Sainwar used to sell bread for earning his daily bread. He gathered coal from the streets so that his mother could cook a meal. He changed tyres during his vacations to survive. He became an engineer with the money collected from his teachers. But today he is helping many others like him to become engineers, doctors, chefs and even IAS officers!

For starters

Both tyres and bread dry out over time.

They both are rendered useless after a time of even just being left unused.

They both have a manufactured date.

In Europe they both have a recommended use by / replace date.

Why does it matter?

Well, bread, I think we already know,  of course, it goes mouldy, you can’t make a tasty sandwich with mouldy bread. It goes hard, bread should only be hard when it’s toasted. It disintegrates, have you ever left a loaf of bread long enough to see it just crumble away to dust?  SHAME ON YOU IF YOU HAVE! haha.  I bet you’re going to try it.  Maybe I will and make a whole new blog 😅

Tyres are a commodity most of us need, it’s when you need them that is important.

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Tomorrow: More tyres



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