aside I Want To Swing From A Chandelier

The music by Sia is powerful,

It’s attention grabbing,

It has a feeling of strength.

Watching the video even in silence (try it)

I want to be that girl!  The dancer! I’ve been the girl in the words.

When you’re at your weakest is when you need to be at your strongest.

Sure I want to be flexible and bendy and be able to sit and jump and tumble in one hit  (not going to happen no matter how many life coaches I follow or how many yoga classes I attend – could ( so far- zero) but I will try both.

Watch her move

Fly even

The power and the strength in her body,

The speed

She’s focused!

There’s a girl who knows what she’s doing and she’s doing it magnificently.

If the words Match the action it’s reflecting her mind,  her thoughts,  her capability to deal with it, the speed of her thoughts matter.

Her outcome is for her to change and with that kind of power in mind, she’s doing it!

Everyday, I swing from  that Chandelier in my head.  An hour in my head would exhaust many but for me, it’s a fun, safe place and it’s interesting.

I challenge myself every single day.  In  some respects the song is appropriate in the sense of a feeling of loss, or discovery, you choose. It’s a moment in time when moving is the only way to keep going. Dance, sing, scream, shout!  Write it down. Crikey I bet when she wrote those words she never expected the impact it would have on the world!

The words combined with the actions are saying ” Let me put on a show until it becomes real”

Fake it ’til you make it!

Are we ever faking it really? Or are we pulling ourselves out from inside and forcing our own hand in fate?  Sit and wallow or throw ourselves at the world? I know which I prefer. I’ve tried both.

This is me!  The one you’re seeing right now! There’s a deeper side to me but you need to earn the right to delve.

I like music.  They say men like melodies and women  like words.  I like both,  sometimes the music itself is so powerful I don’t hear the words.   I never hear the words if the music isn’t powerful enough to listen in the first place.

Music is soothing, invigorating,  empowering.

What music means to each will vary, one song will say many things to many people.

If silence is hurting, find the right music for you and Be The Music.

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