My First Infographic took All night

Hi, thanks for dropping by.  I wondered if I’d see you today I’ve been making this image for so long I thought I’d never get there.

It’s day 21 of a 30 day challenge and I’m doing it all on a tablet. Seems some programmes don’t like tablets. I must get my laptop fixed. If you’re reading this and you live locally,  tell me do you know a good fixer?

So my subject today was water. It will be water and the will feature more again but for now, here’s resome facts, so I feel like I blogged today 🙄

Drinking water has been recommended since 400bc by boiling and straining.

Fantastic fact number 2, the first water filtration system was built in 1804 in Scotland, yet bottled water was first introduced in health shops in Holy Well, England in 1621!

You are 60% Water

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