Ecuadorian Windows of Beauty

There is a fabulous hotel in the depths of the forest of Ecuador, I saw it quite by accident on TV and it’s stayed in my mind.   The gardener has so far found 200 species out of 4000 orchids available in ecuador. He never cared for the forest before.  He just chopped it down. Now he is it’s saviour.

It’s a unique piece of architecture with over 1000 square metres of glass.  The things that struck me most was that ONE man cleans these windows.  It takes 45 hours every week. Non stop cleaning glass so that the forest climate does not affect the building.

In a poor area of the world filled with such beauty as this natural environment, 70 per cent of the workforce are native locals who were cutting down the forest bit by bit to make space to grow crops to survive.

This hotel gave alot to the world and alot to the people in the forest.

They offer forest tours and programmes like no other. How I wish it was nearby.

What an unusual place!  One of the best websites for a 5 star place to stay i have ever seen, it’s soooooooo interesting.   Most likely the website is the nearest I’ll ever get but it’s great to dream.

See this link Mashpi lodge

They have their own blog and wow! The content is stunning.   I’m going to be learning for a century!


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