aside Have You Discovered Social Media?

It’s an appropriate question as I’m currently in training with SNAP chat……from my boss Tabby!   I thought it was new!


Years ago,  I was ahead of technology,  then one day I decided enough, I need to be creative again.  I replaced the T.V with a basket of flowers and proceeded to completely redecorate my cottage from ceiling to floor, from curtains to recovering stools and listening to music.

I would finish my day sat in the window upstairs with the swing type criss cross outward opening windows looking out to the countryside and read books.

I did enough sitting at a computer at work!

Then 6 months later I sold the house and relocated myself to the sunny Southern coast of Spain.


I eventually got myself a mobile phone but charges were so high I rarely used it. I often used the telephone shops to call Mum and update her.  It was in one of these shops that in 2004 I opened a Hotmail account!   How long had the world been doing this?  It was simply a necessity to keep in touch with some people, not Mum, even now in 2017 she won’t use the Internet.   She’s tried, I bought her a tablet and flew to England and tried to teach her. She flew to Spain 6 months later and returned it.

Somehow I stumbled on a new way of communication via MSN,  it was a way of finding old school friends!  No way!  I’ve travelled,  I’ve left and now people can find me! It was fun for a while, then the toing and froing of messages lost its edge and I stopped again.  What was it called?

I found time to take a book, pack a lounger in the boot and whiling away the hours would sit by the ocean.  Relaxed and tranquil.   Still no need for TV!  It was 2006 when I reinvited TV in more force but still I wasn’t so addicted as I as to music.

One day I was at in the office and my friend Sharon who on the day I interviewed her claimed to have had to be taught to send an email in application for the job by her daughter…… said…… ” Have you started using Facebook? ”


“What is it?”

She showed me.  Crikey! It was 2009 and I didn’t have Internet at home!

I logged in.

Eventually in about 2011 we got Internet at home.

In 2014, we moved house,  no internet connection. Oh well. 6 months, no Tv,  noooo Internet,  little Facebook.

Nowadays we can’t function without Internet,  our business wouldn’t survive, our downtime would be without TV! Crikey, I’m addicted to TV.   Without social media, I couldn’t raise awareness to help animals who need help. Without It, i couldn’t research my latest interest to its fullest.  I wouldn’t know the interesting wide network of people I do and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with friends because life is so busy I wouldn’t find the time.


The internet has changed the world. I’m not so sure all forms of Social Media have grabbed me with such importance. Maybe I just need to learn more.  Next week I’m going to make my days 26 hours long and I’m going to increase the number of  days to 8.


Or, I’ll just quickly look up twitter and see if I can see its function, I’ll search pinterest and see if I can find an interest…. what else is out there?

I’ll get there, I’ll build, I’ll learn again, I’ll feed my brain and then I’ll know.



My husband came home one day in 2013 and declared ” we need to get with it!” And foisted upon me my very first smart phone.   I find it hard to stop upgrading.  I think I’m a buyer, I avoid knowing what’s out there this in turn avoids my buying. Buying is time consuming consumerism.

Could I be without social media?  No.

Could you?

If you have a similar story, let me know.

I’m a self confessed dinosaur of the world wide web.

Tomorrow,  I’m going down stream and talking “water” .


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