aside Are You Living In Silence or Welcoming Feedback? 

Karoline Simone Boxed Beauty



We’re relishing in silence.

What is it costing us?

We’re naturally afraid of feedback. ” Hey! Does my bum look big in this?” If you needed to ask the question,  what did you think before you asked it? Did you like the response?  Did you deal with the reply?

What if the answer wasn’t what you wanted?

Does our business depend upon client satisfaction?  Or are WE satisfied that we realised OUR dream and we’re just hoping our clients feel the same?

Are we losing clients or just not gaining more?  Are we interacting enough?  Do we actually talk at our clients level of need? Or are we just fulfilling our own desires and assuming our clients are the same as us?

Get down to your clients level !

Think like a client, gain a client, keep a client!

If we know what we’re doing is the best…

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