Could you live in a tiny home?

Living a simpler life is exhilarating!

Hilary Hunter

For years before my radical move to a floating home, my inner tree hugger craved a Tiny Home. I have always preferred cottages to castles, so ever since I grew an environmental conscience I have been dreaming of an “eco” home. When my daughter graduated, and fled the traditional nest, I seized the opportunity to downsize and divest myself of mortgage, utility bills and a houseful of “stuff”.
Selling up is an easy enough thing to do. Finding that perfect size to down to is not! I soon exhausted every property search for a small patch of land on which to settle. Planning laws in the UK strangle any visions of a woodland hut. Inner-city space is equally squeezed. So where can one go with one’s ideas for sustainable dwelling?
Is the Tiny House Movement for you? Originating in the USA, this social movement encourages those who prefer a few…

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