aside Just Where IS this place “Mowameadow”?

So I was sitting  In  the office today.

Actually, as per normal in the office today I was swinging from chandeliers when my friend tells me that In Australia  when the water drains from the bath plug, it goes in the opposite direction to that in Spain. Southern hemisphere versus Northern hemisphere.

Who the hell knew that? I’m almost 42 years old and I had no clue!

Why did I not know?


When  I was growing up, perhaps I was 6 years old.

We rehearsed like crazy and eventually performed in the village hall a rendition of “One Man Went to Mow-a-Meadow ”

One man went to Mow…….

Went to Mowameadow ……

We were ten girls, dressed like farmers (scarecrows actually) stood in a line.  We were “townies”

When I was 16, I called to my boyfriends house in the countryside and asked for his whereabouts,  his mother told me.

“he’s in’t medda”

“in’t medda?” I enquired.

After several attempts, she almost dragged me to the window and pointed and mouthed at me IN THE MEADOW!  SEE?

Indeed I did see.  I left the house and set off walking around the property to get to the front garden, ok, field.  Puzzled I was thinking about this all the way until I got to him.   I exclaimed! Oh Wow!


Yes wow! Bloody wow!

All my life I had thought Mowameadow was a town that a man went to!

When I was singing on that stage, you know my mind wasn’t in the same place as the other girls, I don’t think it has been since!  I was on a journey, the man in my song was going somewhere he definately wasn’t mowing a meadow!

Having not come across a lawn or a mower, how would anyone expect I would know? COME ON!


On my 30th birthday , before hitting the party scene of mischief and mayhem, 3 girlfriends took me for dinner in a lovely restaurant.  We were recalling true life stories….. imagine!  So the one I’ll tell  you I shared was the above.  I was laughing at myself!

Imagine the stricken horror on the face of one of the girls who was considerably older than my now 30 years when i had just blurted out with no preparation a shattering piece of news that questioned everything!

Mowameadow IS NOT A TOWN!  Her whole life of 40 plus years!

She knows now.

I haven’t seen  her since.



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