Coma in Poetry

I can hear them

My loved ones 

They’re coming to see me

Their footsteps on the corridor floor

Their nervous chatter as they arrive

I hear the door swing open then click shut

Here she is

Stroking my face

Caressing my hand softly

She’s telling me about her day at school

The play she’s rehearsing for

She’s the lead role

Oh I’m so Proud!

I’m smiling from ear to ear

But she can’t see

I’m telling her, well done baby girl! I’m so thrilled! 

She can’t hear me

Up jumps my boy

Wrapping himself around me

Kissing my face

Telling me about his new best friend 

He’s 4 years old

I wish I could see the joy on his face

I can feel the excitement as he tells me all about the mischief they plundered in creche today

I hear my wife’s voice, she’s speaking in hushed tones

I hear her asking someone

“Is he here? Does he hear us? Can he feel me?”

“I can my precious wife! I hear you, come over,  hold  my hand, tell me about your day. Don’t be sad,I’m here, I’m coming  back”

For all of you are keeping me with you, your tender touches, your words

I’m trying to come back, I’m  trying to see you

I  Want you to know, I’m here! I Love you,

We’re almost there my love, I’ll see you soon

They’re leaving

The silence is deafening

The world in my head

The memories toying with my mind

I’m sleeping now

Tomorrow, I hope they come again.

As a child I was involved in a RTA

I awoke to find my Mum on a little camp bed by my bed. I said out loud ” My Mum”

Lay back down and went  to sleep again.

I had no idea it was already 3 days and would be another day before anyone other than myself knew about this.

I recalled without preconception as an 11 year old child and asked some questions….

I had been in a room and was seeing myself,  there was 2 vicars in the room, both whom I knew deeply. One was the Parish vicar and my neighbour,  Mr Parsons, the other, Mr Wilson was the vicar in the town centre where i went every Friday and and Sunday to sing out my heart in the choir.

They were joining together praying whilst holding my hands.

I had no idea why

Karoline Simone

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