aside Are You Living In Silence or Welcoming Feedback? 



We’re relishing in silence.

What is it costing us?

We’re naturally afraid of feedback. ” Hey! Does my bum look big in this?” If you needed to ask the question,  what did you think before you asked it? Did you like the response?  Did you deal with the reply?

What if the answer wasn’t what you wanted?

Does our business depend upon client satisfaction?  Or are WE satisfied that we realised OUR dream and we’re just hoping our clients feel the same?

Are we losing clients or just not gaining more?  Are we interacting enough?  Do we actually talk at our clients level of need? Or are we just fulfilling our own desires and assuming our clients are the same as us?

Get down to your clients level !

Think like a client, gain a client, keep a client!

If we know what we’re doing is the best for our clients, why are we not shouting from the rooftops?

Why are they not?

It’s because we don’t know if we’re providing the best for our clients.

We forgot to ask them. Did we ask but not so often?  How many times did we ask? In how many ways?

Is it because we’re afraid to ask?  The silence is more comfortable. What if our clients feel there was an element missing? How will we know if we don’t ask them?!

We’ve read, re-read our scripts,  we’ve done it, worn the t-shirt and still there was something missing?

How did we not see it?

We didn’t approach our work from a customer point of view.

We saw our idea, our work, our effort and decided it must be enough, did we wonder, does it makes sense if I was a customer?


Is it simple enough?  Inviting enough?  Tempting enough?

Are we telling them? Or are we showing them? Therefore selling. Every area of your business is a sales opportunity.

Are they hearing you? Is your social presentation and presence enough?  Has it got the WOW!?


 Do we do our work so well we have clients asking for more?

Unlikely without prompting.

Clients lead busy lives, they depend on us to tell them the simplest solutions, to direct a small area of their lives, to take the lead.

10 years ago, your business was flying ahead of the game. The competition were holding board meetings ” We Need What They Have!”

You were an innovator, a market leader.

You got clients, you gave them more than they thought possible.


You let your guard down.  Your product sold itself. Right?

The world moved on.  Why did you not got with it?


How far will silence travel?  Nowhere.

Nowhere. Not to new clients.  Not to current clients.  Not to anyone. Silence is like 0+0=0

We can be putting in 100 per cent effort 100 per cent of the time. (ARE YOU?)

If no one knows, what’s the point?

Did you tell someone how great you felt about your day today?

Did anyone notice?

Do we ask our clients, “did what I did for you today improve your life?”

” How did what we did for you today make you feel?”

More simple ” If I send you an email, would you mind sending some service feedback please?”

If we don’t make sounds and ask questions,  how do we know if what we’re doing  is working?  What ARE our customers expectations?

How intelligent are our clients?  With a wealth of information at every clients fingertips it’s pretty clear our clients know more than they used to regardless of our specialism.

Engage with them, our  clients.  Hear their views, their experience, their knowledge. Let them teach us! In return offer an extra piece of knowledge that they didn’t already have. How did you do that?  You listened. You quickly understood a piece of information that your client didn’t have and you gave them that gift. In return, you gained their respect.

You gained, retained and upsold your client.

By constantly and consistently asking for feedback, we’re doing many things.

We’re valuing our clients expectations,  our clients experience and in return our clients are helping us to grow and to provide a service that people want and we can be proud of.  We should be nurturing and valuing every situation, every interaction we have with our clients.

So the guy down the road does almost the same work as you right? Wrong.

Your work is unique because it’s you that is doing it.  Don’t worry about what the guy down the road is doing.  Make sure you’re doing what your clients expect.

Providing great customer service will grow you,  your business,  your client base and your work will become your passion, you’ll spring out of bed in the morning instead of that feeling of dread ” What if what I did yesterday loses me another client?”

You’re clients will take that call.  The one they are expecting to be  cold call. They hear your introduction and they relax, they smile.  They are expecting you to call!  They want to know how you are going to improve their life.  They WANT to give you feedback.

It starts with YOU!  Yout effort.  Learn your business, overcome the obstacles, the fear, the negativity.


Confront the demon feedback, welcome it, absorb it, use it.

Wake up every morning and say

” Today, I’m going to go a step further with my knowledge, I’m going to ask every client for feedback, I’m going to use it, own it, nurture it and create from it a better future for my clients”.

Monday begins a new week, a new opportunity .

Friday…It’s not the end of the week, it’s a new day for a new opportunity.

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Karoline Simone

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