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Hi Everyone.

I’m dedicating todays blog to a very special cause close to my heart and will focus on a special local charity who need as much publicity and media awareness as possible.


Abandoned dogs and cats, lack of neutering, lack of education and lack of enforcement and control in the world on breeding deliberately or carelessly sees many thousands of animals lose their lives daily.

I can write for hours of my experiences but right now I need to help this charity.   My big boys came to me as a one night foster almost 3 years ago, they’ve grown into fine young men now,  here’s a photo of when they arrived being saved from the town bins, it was love again at  first sight for me and after 2 weeks I said ” they’re adopted!” Help someone else.



” Animals in Distress ”   have worked for many years in my local area first with foster homes and now due to demand and lack of foster homes they have built a new shelter to accommodate many of the animals under their care.   To fund this and the day to costs and vet bills they opened 2 shops,  a town centre” new to you” clothing, books and Bric-abrac store and an out of town second hand furniture warehouse.  They struggle to find time to plan events but do put on the occasional fun dinner party and annual fun dog show.

2 Weeks old thrown in the river just a new case of animal cruelty being dealt with and cared about here.

In both shops can be found some very unique, special one off items and plenty of bargains!  I proudly tell people this is where I shop.  They need shoppers,  volunteers to work in both and donations to sell.

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To find out more of how everyone can help please go visit their website

I’ll lead you there with this link which discusses some important and largely unknown information unless you are living it, many times people find information when it’s too late to do something and if you want to explore the site, it’s full of great information no matter where in the world you are.

Poison Toads, Caterpillars and more

You are welcome to take a volunteering holiday in Southern Spain and come and work with the dogs at the shelter.  Inside this link is a video showing the progress of the new shelter and an explanation of how the Animals in Distress team will help you make this happen.

Just press the blue writing here.

 A Whole Month in the Sun helping


Animals In Distress (A.I.D. is a registered charity in Andalucia dedicated to finding homes for stray, abandoned, abused animals found in Coin and surrounding villages in this part of Malaga in Andalucia. All the dogs that we rescue and take care off, are located in our shelter and all the young puppies are in foster care. We also have a small cattery. Our mission is to try to find good secure homes for the stray, abandoned, abused animals that are in the streets, which includes those that have been in a road accident.

We can all help a little even by buying our products online through a famous online second hand seller. You can find the links in this post Online shopping


This 5 month old boy now known as Zack lived by the busy through road from the mountain to the coast, no fear of cars it was so dangerous him living there. We set a trap and got him safely off the road after many weeks of people messaging me and the charity and other local resucers, people don’t realise it’s not as simple as walking up to a dog and saying Hi! Come with me little one.  It takes time, money and a space to bring the dog to. Weeks of planning and discussions with the local hotel he was living near whilst time was found to sit and wait for an entire afternoon , whilst space and funds were found to help him and little Zack is now happily coming on in a foster home, too wild, timid and afraid to flourish in a shelter it took a week of one on one care by a volunteer to get him to trust enough to drop the low growl. I’m sad to believe that non of the people doing the ringing, the messaging etc have done anything to actually support those that stepped up to help this dog and many more. He was taken to the vet, tested for Mediterranean diseases, vaccinated, treated for worms, will be neutered, microchip done 2 x rabies vaccines as is law in oureal area. This is not free.

Can anyone tell me why black dogs are often overlooked?

Next, the issue of adoption, if the dogs saved are not found homes then new dogs cannot be helped. It’s simple arithmetic. Then there it goes, the next cry of someone who didn’t do something about it…. They said no!  Can you believe it?! Well yes, I can.

“Be the person who did something”

My friend sadly and suddenly passed away last summer.  She left me her dogs. Her precious more than  70 little charges.  I rang around lots of people I had got to know In the rescue world and family and friends and almost all of them have homes now.  I had rang Joe from A.I.D first to help me get the appropriate jungle drums going, we had hours not days or the dogs would be impounded. Joe and his charity had helped my friend Mary many times with food for her animals and this day was no different.  He was unable to take an extra dog but he brought food, people and he helped me personally keep turning up and his wife Jan with her big hugs and words of wisdom when i was on the verge of cracking up with one of the puppies I snatched up in a blanket and took her home to join my brood.  She was coughing terribly. I had suddenly taken on something much bigger than myself and a little help was needed.  He had Mini treated for kennel cough which took 3 weeks to clear. Her fur was like feathers.  It’s now like wool.  I call her Mini Bear.

Next she had her 2 x rabies, puppy vaccines and microchip.  With a menagerie of fur and feathered kids like mine which suddenly increased I was glad of the help.

She will be needing to be sterilised soon, I’ve made friends with a great local vet.

Here she is just before that awful day, such a pretty photo taken by Jennifer Willis and now, laying on her back, contented as always.

So they run this charity, until recently,  largely alone.  They help dogs, cats and people with dogs and who find themselves in desperate situations.

They made a fundraiser appeal for the new shelter the costs of which went above the forecasted amount yet raised only 20 per cent in fundraising which totalled more than 10 thousand euros so are working more than ever to make up the shortfall.  Shelter Build Appeal

They must be young and fit. They do far more than I can and they are and won’t mind me telling you they are under 70 years of age. 😅 I’m sure I’ll feel a payback on that soon.

Anyway for now, I hope you enjoy this piece. I truly will value your thoughts and comments below.

I hope you read some of the links leading to their website and If you can, help them.  If you want to do something physical and you aren’t in southern Spain then look for someone doing this work in your area. They’re everywhere,  animals needlessly suffering,  being made homeless and needing human kindness.

A.I.D Facebook Page

Immediate Needs

Repellent collars on sale

Helping people relocate WITH their beloved pets

The initial new shelter fundraise

The shelter being built by one man and his friend


Joe made this photo of himself.  It made me sad.

I retaliated and made this one of myself Wearing a suit I Bought in their shop!


With a little effort by many, light work can make meaningful changes and for animals in need, that will mean the world.

Press the links In this article to find out more and how you can be part of the solution.
Share with your friends.

Love, Karoline x


  1. Fabulous work Karoline, bless you for bringing it to people’s attention. My lovely friend lives near Olvera and she has taken cats and dogs in, she is always driving around with cat and dog biscuits in her car and caring for any strays. I will pass on the details to her x


  2. Great Post Karoline, Maybe a few locals in the rescue world know what Joe and Jan do, working their butts off on a daily basis, but their story is not widely known, probably because they are not the type to blow their own trumpet. They just get on with the work.Their shop is awesome, I have bought a lot from there, and the warehouse has helped furnish my mum’s apartment, great stuff and great value.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Kariline, just found out that you wrote in 2017 about Zack. Just tot tell you he is doing fine. We adopted him in june 2017, we called him Bas. He is living with us in Belgium and 3 months a year in Spain. It was very difficult to gain his confidence, it took us about 2 months. But now his love is forever and unconditional.


    • Wow such wonderful news Roland thank you. I actually was thinking of him yesterday as i passed the place near my house where i waited and eventually caught him. Thank you for making him your family, for taking time with him and for finding me and making me smile right now.
      Love to Zack and you all too ❤


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