aside L’Hopital #4 … I’m still there yes

Hi! And Welcome,

In case you’re new to following my hospital experience eventually leading to a life changing / saving discovery then let me explain the way the “Hospital diaries” are written.

They are transcripts of my daily blogging conversations with people in cyberspace.  I was bed ridden, you’ll see how my sight was diminishing fast and I was LONELY.

Many spelling errors occur simply as my sight was often minimal, occasionally completely gone and that was scary!

Upset….waited for the magnetic thingy to have them forget to give me tranquiliser. ..thought i could do it but when the cage came down i just shook and sobbed…diary day 4 😣




Me: Dorothy arrived I’ll  call the doctors that as I don’t remember her name.  She said what happened? I did you didn’t give me the pill! You promised.  She said ah and smirked, smirked? Omg, time wasting for everyone,  we each have phobias and I warned her of mine!

Argh, I did that one, its so horrible! Reciting xmas carols all the time (its was june!).

oh you poor thing.

I had to have that for my back, & I m very claustrophobic but I was never offered any meds first. I just kept my eyes tightly closed all the way through it.

A lot of people have refused MRI because of the claustrophobia. I had it for my knee and my head was just at the beginning of the ‘tunnel’. I felt this slight movement as if I was going to go inside and I screamed and pressed the panic button !!! Take the tranquilliser !!

I panicked during an MRI scan they had to get me out a lot of people panic so ur not on your own xx

I´ve done it without problems! 🙂 With my eyes closed….

ME: HooraH

But I do panick if the elevator stops between floors!! 🙂

Don’t be worried, just chill out and relax, it’s nought dangerous..
first one I was bad but after that just a quick sleep. Attitude girl !

Its crazy. I fell asleep in the MRI machine but put me in a dentist chair and I get full blown hypertension, hands, feet and tongue go stiff and I cry like a baby!! Fear is a bastard.

Just had the funniest phone call from me twinny Nawny ….. bet she’s still laughing now…. ya know what they say about humour lasting through the crap days…I’m proof…. Nawny i ad a math n am avin ornial, yelly n pingles Yaayyyy….busht me er put mageup on wipwoooooon

Muv u frwom nawny! Xxx

Translation needed as by now my voice was ridiculous,  I easy breathless, my letters were confused and speaking to me almost impossible….

“Just had the funniest phone call from me twinny Dawn ( we had the same hair) ….. bet she’s still laughing now…. ya know what they say about humour lasting through the crap days…I’m proof…. Dawn, I SAID, I had a bath and am having cordial, jelly and pringles Yaayyyy….brushed my hair put makeup on wipwoooooo


FB_IMG_1490429923811Picture From Another Time.

What hope do in have with rice soup for starters!?😷😷


Eeew. Sopa de arroz sin sal also known as gruel haha. Sorry love…

it’ll do you good, ha ha ha. The injections i think will feel better when you’ve had a few. You’re a tufty!!! Please don’t have Pringles.

The jabs I’ve had all week….they’re still very sore

Oh i do feel for you. x

How are the noisy farty buggers in the next bed

Hope 😉FB_IMG_1490556272410

Nooooooo not Pringles please

See the trumping may be the soup, could be you tomorrow paying them back haha…

Me: told the neighbours visitors off!

glad you told them off, no consideration

Have you put a Christms tree up at the end of your bed yet?

Me: Well that crowd apologised n persisted in heated whispers but at least i could listen to Hollyoaks then a new crowd came so i had to just do a loud SSHHHHHHHHHH which worked in a fashion. Now it’s an old fella n her gassin n he’s in for the night…for some reason she’s got a relative staying every night so I’m now taking to low moaning…

Me: N no!!!! I’m going home before xmas!!!


ha ha ha yes i know yu are going home but a dec was to keep you going until you got back..get it?

Poor you, sharing with people you don’t know is bad enough, when their whole family moves in, bad news. Something to be said for visiting hours.

And without salt either, that must be a plain dinner 😳😳😳😳

Me: 24 hour visiting!

This is 5the December 2014.  Not speaking out loud in your own language is bad enough, they think i don’t speak Spanish but i know what they’re saying and I feel like an 80 something woman. I need to do something.

More tomorrow, Love Karoline


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