aside The Hospital Diary continues #3

Hi! And Welcome,

In case you’re new to following my hospital experience eventually leading to a life changing / saving discovery then let me explain the way the “Hospital diaries” are written.

They are transcripts of my daily blogging conversations with people in cyberspace.  I was bed ridden, you’ll see how my sight was diminishing fast and I was LONELY.

Many spelling errors occur simply as my sight was often minimal, occasionally completely gone and that was scary!

“Would it be rude to ask woman in nxt bed yo give me her tomatoes?”

And for her family to stfu whilst Corries on?

oh karoline – you’ll have to write a book about your experiences xx

ha ha ha ha

Me: Hahahaha


Me : This new ward won’t let me down to the shop I’ll have to wait til my cousin comes in’t mornin’

Me: Omg!!! The woman BURPED AND FARTED!!!!!

ha ha ha ha ha

Me: NOTHING I DO WOULD UPSET THIS LOT. i got rid of my first compañion for whailing…she’d only been in here 5 minutes


Ask her guests to nip down to the shop for you!

LMAO!! You are SO funny!!!

Yes I think it would be very rude but I am glad you have not lost your sense of humour! Lol

Me: Humour is everything

Me: Got the man in the MRI suite to donate me these heehee



They work! Did that the second time around, works wonders!

I thought the photo was going to be ear-phones! Now you DEFINITELY can’t hear Corrie!!

Earphones on their way later the plugs are for their onstant chat. Dhe has someone stay ALL night n when one wakes they talk at full fecking blast regardless of time

That’s how the Spanish do it; family in constant attendance.

Miss my fur kids

Nice for Mylo to send me a selfie


I will never cry when having my eyebrows waxed again. …in fact it would be a pleasure compared to this 😢

oh, what have you had done? ( if only that’s where the stopped)

Me: Daily tummy injections reeeeeeally hurt. Not like the weekly one in my derièr

oh no, you brave thing, Horrid.xx

Hang in there!!! ❤

I’ll remind u of that misses!!!! Xxx

So….. as my serious mystery illness has curbed my nicotine habit but not cured it, i am taking up a new habit of Pringles…red , blue or paprika (I was forgetting words by now) be aware if yiu do bring me some I can’t speak properly so I say Me instead of B, North instead of December,  other words I can’t place so I forget them and make an entire sentence around what I wanted to say.

I have an MRI this morning……Morning I ask ya! I’m starving as breakfast is not permitted and morning has already become afternoon. So I have a new catheter for my medicine drips as I complained the other one was painful.  The nurse in the night said “THAT’S BENT!”

Still seeing double but I guess if there was a double cheeseburger in front of me, life wouldn’t seem so bad.

Karoline i have experienced very similar symptoms as you are now having. If you need to speak after your MRI please message me jx

If i only could, id bring you a bag or 2!!!! In the meen time DANCE!!!!! xx

You always seem positive Karoline stay that way n get well soon xx

Me: There are no PRINGLES in the whole hospital. …I’ve sent out search parties. There used to be an English volunteer wandering the corridors with wares but seemingly ansent (prioritise)

She knows you are in Karoline lol xx

Hope you get well soon!!

Can pringles be posted ??

still no proper diagnosis yet? where is the hospital? x ( it’s about a mile from her house,  she passed twice a day, she never came in)

 The Hospital Diary part one ,  The Hospital Diaries Part Two


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