image The Hospital Diaries Part Two

Speaking out to myself on social media I was lucky people responded or I really would have gone insane.  Blogging subsided the fear.

Nb. Any spelling errors are due to my sight and state of mind at the time

Me: Fuck me they keep leaving door open n someones giving birth!!!

It’s not me. Xxx

ha ha ha, noooo! You poor thing. How u doing? Any better?


Eh, what part of the hospital are you??? 😳

I do feel for her, but I LOVED being pregnant & giving birth. That would bring back SO many happy memories for me & if I could be granted just ONE wish of my life to be repeated that would be it. (I never made any noise with ANY of mine). Hope you re feeling better soon x

Me: God knows where i am but the screaming is constant. The woman in next bed is snoring with her telly on papping away. …just waiting on me coffee now to highlight me evening

Just seen that you are in hospital,, thinking of you hun,all my love x I’ll keep my eye on your page now.worried x

Lol!! What hospital are you in? Are you sure she s in labour. & not just mentally challenged? I m surprised if you re in/near the maternity wing. I had a really lovely Spanish lady next to me when I had my knee op last year but she was often visited by around a dozen of her family all rabbiting in Spanish for about an hour + at a time! It nearly drove me nuts!!

Just seen you are in hospital? x

Ohhhhh something you want to tell us 😉 x

OMG! ONLY YOU will end up in hospital next door to the maternity unit – DOH! Xxxxx

Me :Diana may be right it may not be birthing but disturbing instead :/

which hospital you in Kaz?

Me: Cds. You coming in?? Please bring Pringles the paprika box and the red box and the blue box i like I’ll love you forever!!!! Xxxx ( she didn’t visit)

Ohhh no!! Have you got an ipod with you? x

Me: Got me phone xx

Hi Karoline , just seen your in hospital, I hope they are looking after you well and you recover quickly xx

Why do blood pressure sleeves hurt so much? :/

  3rd December       06:44

How u feeling? X

Me: Tired and hungry. .. i think i need Pringles but they don’t have any x

Lol get Rich to smuggle some in! X

ooh they get you up early don’t they? xx

Oh I hate those! They make me faint 😱

Oh I remember it well, 7am blood pressure, injection in stomach, change drip. Go back to sleep…haha. Hope they get you sorted today, they’re long days aren’t they x

Me: #¥₩@

I sound like a failed disney character. … what’s your flaw of the day?

3rd December     11:24

Just ad four biscuits wi my brew lol xx

Should have had brunch with a friend who has cancelled – no excuse to pig out then, but going anyway. Why miss out?

Stupidity!!! Ive just created an ice rink on my decking, washed it down with a bucket of disenfectant in sub zero temps. Went back in to sort the rubbish and then slipped all the way to the outside wheely bin haha. Bambi on ice… Hope you get sorted soon love! xx

Me: Oh Chelle!!!!! I visualised each part of that jaha

Haha… When can you escape that place? lol…

Me: Oh i don’t kknow but this is thelongest morning ever

Oh bloomin heck, 😦 I will keep my fingers crossed for ya so the dr says “You’re out of here mrs” ❤

I wasn’t told that today.

If anyone is passing i need PRINGLES please xx

3rd December      11:44

You wont be allowed. I tried to smuggle in KitKats and got caught

Can’t today babe no time to breathe and this afternoon supposed to be doing some voluntary work tomorrow BUT I might be able to pop in tomorrow (she never did)

Me :Scuppered in my bid for independence. …hot chocolate didn’t want to leave the machine harrumph ( I hadn’t realised that actually my cognitive functions were failing, the machine was fine)

get those taste buds working Kaz – lemon curd on the go with a special big jar for you for your convalescence xx

Do you make that Hilary? I have an overloaded lemon tree and love lemon curd

Me :Hilary Tompkins is the best curd and chutney maker mmmm I’m so lucky xx

Me: No pringles for me today…… lunch is imminent i wonder what surprises are coming

Yes Sue I would be more than happy to make some for you in exchange for lemons. Mine are a little late this year. What I do is zest and juice the lemons in season and freeze for the barren part of the year.. Where are you Sue so we can arrange a swap? Seeing Mr B next week hopefully and do come down the mountain  and coast.

I am on the coast Hilary

we can make that work. I am in the village for the children’s charity Christmas fair on Saturday from 12.00 with all my goodies and some other great craft people. If you fancied a little pre Christmas festivities?

thank you so much Sue. Will save a jar for you. Karoline Simone  is on commission for recommendations and an especially big jar to help her recovery. lol

Watching people converse so openly made me feel less lonely


looks delicious. How are you feeling?

I’ve seen worse. Was it any good?

Have you by any chance been on steroids for anything?

Me: No

I wonder if I’d be allowed my beauty therapist in here …… it is therapy after all xx

3rd December    17:44

lol we should try it! Xxx

Me : I might ask if I’m in much longer my eye brows are depressing xx ( I’d had an appointment booked on 1st December)

Lol ur screaming would frighten the life out of ppl!! I’d be escorted off the premises! Lol xxx

How r u feeling? Xxx

Me : Like i need my eyebrows taming n tinting xxx

Why are you in hospital Karoline Barrett?

Me: um

Made  big concerted effort to look this sprightly

3rd December….. sometime later

The patch makes it easier to see as 2 eyes working independently ain’t good.  STILL waiting cor visitors with Pringles,  now moved wards (have absolutely no recollection of this) so new nurses to get to know. They all waved me off from the other ward and came to say goodbye personally (I didn’t forsee why)

What I like is that they move your bed with you, you keep your bed until you leave!   Who knew?




More tomorrow, Love Karoline


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