aside The Hospital Diary part one

The diary is in the form of Social Media in real life conversation

30th November 2014.

In bed most of today “uugghhh” tingling all over and not in a fun way…got the tree up so that’s cheered me along….hopefully mince pies and custard are on the way mmmmm…..

You ok? Xx

Yes…in bed eating mice pie 😉

mice pies? oh my goodness, things must be bad Xxx

Mmmmm and the tail was yummy 😉

I always prefer the ears Xxxx

What can we do for you Mrs to make you feel better?

….mmmmm…. now what would that be……sing a Christmas song heehee

Hope you are feeling better honey xx


That was 2 days earlier

The day before… The initial b12 deficiency discovery

Following with A downward spiral of b12 deficiency except at the point of the following conversations  I had no idea what was happening to me, fear needed replacing with humour.

Hospital is boring, i have no taste so everything tastes like card, everything feeeeels like card and i see 2 of everything at least and i sound like I’ve been on funny gas …so it’s official I’m a nutcase…good news is we thought the car was stolen when i abandoned it at the health centre yesterday when in fact the police have found it in their pound….

What’s up cuz? Need anything x

Oh my… What is wrong?

Just rest and get yourself well again! Sending a lot of healing karma ☺️

oh dear babe….. and its not as tho you get any rest in there either

Me: This is the breakdown of my symptoms thought to be a stroke but really don’t know what they’re thinkin now. At least i have fb for company between visits and at least i can type xx

It’s ok in here tbh they’re being good to me x

Karoline can I ask if they have done an MRI?

Oh god, hope not love…

me: Yes they did a scan last night. I think a different one is scheduled this evening

Hope they get you sorted quickly…xx

sorry to hear you´re unwell. at least you´re in the right place. sending hugs xxxxxx

Bloody hell love 😦

Me: How do i accurately tell them everything feels like and tastes like soft polystyrene?

Hope you’re better soon Karoline sending big hugs and xxxx

Sending lots of love and best wishes hope u r feeling better soonxxxx

Tell them Karoline…

“Todo parece y tiene el sabor de poliestireno blando”

Oh no what’s happened. I hope they manage to find out what’s wrong and you get well soon.xxxxx

Me: Want salt 😥


You take care of yourself I am sorry to hear you are not well but keep your chin up! If I can help in any way either call, text or send me a message on facebook.

me: I can write but i can’t talk so well… so who’s got some jokes for me?

Espero te pongas bien!!! xxxFB_IMG_1490455667740.jpg


Me: Awe i like that one x

Is very sweet! xxx

Ohhhh noooo hope they are fixing you up and it’s not too serious. Love ua Lancashire two xx

Kaz hope you OK keep FB posted am worried about you xx

dearest karoline, sending you big hugs, muchas besitos, and strong wishes for you to recover fully, completely, and simply. Love love love

More tomorrow, Love Karoline x

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