Frodos story

My life is not just about me

2 years
Needs a hands off home
Someone who does not expect a ready made trusting boy from scratch.
Someone who is prepared to love, perhaps from a distance for the beginning. He won’t take long to get on the sofa. He’s just shy. Does not like overly busy situations.
Someone who can give confidence.
A human who can give this Ince vibrant big boy a life.
His Mum passed away last summer, Frodo was one of around 70 dogs my friends and I helped.
Frodo was hiding under away table, slowly I got down and talked to him, slowly he came out, he had to be carried away and nursed. He went to a shelter after a time in the hope of a home being found quicker but in the floods I early December he got afraid again and fled. He has gone back to my friends private kennel where he trusts her, he feels at home, but it’s not a home, it’s a kennel.
Help us find Frodo his dream home. A safe secure environment with someone who will talk to him, help him recover his little soul.
Frodo is so gentle, it’s humans that terrify him but he knows some humans are good. Can you concentrate on helping Frodo please?
Current location, Malaga.

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