aside Day 3 Of THE Craziest personal challenge so far

So I wrote earlier this week about my plans for a 30 day challenge of not drinking anything other than water; Eat as normal but no other drink than water.

Here is the post in full for reference I’m Taking This 30 Day Challenge To Improve My Life

So how is it going so far?

I’ve not had anyone join me so far haha. The thought of a morning without a wake up coffee or tea or an evening at the weekend without alcohol seem to be the general consensus in not being in the right head space to participate but people are interested to see how it affects me.

I have read others experiences doing this challenge and in the end it’s been worth it. I am not holding back and will update periodically throughout my challenge.

Day 1 was exhausting

I took a bare faced selfie, weighed myself, measured myself in these areas.
Upper Arm
Upper Thigh

Withdrawal from my 3 x morning coffee / tea with sugar and milk

The at least 4 coffees in the office later with sugar and milk

Replaced with WATER

No cordial mixed in for my bedtime drink, no bedtime cuppa….

Day 2. Felt a little better, still whacked out, a headache set upon me, nipped in the bud with a painkiller and WATER

Some girls at work careful not to mention the word coffee, to pretend they’re drinking water in a mug hahahaa, I don’t drink alcohol so I can smell it a mile away….. I’m going to start smelling coffee before it has even been drank by my colleagues.

My husband love coffee and keeps describing it…. mocha here, mocha there.

Some of my girl colleagues on day 2 offered to make me coffee…… it’s not the norm so I think they’re taking the piss!

Day 3.

Slept a little longer than normal,  must be the lack of stimulant.  Made extra food to eat before I went to  work which isn’t a habit and took extra to keep me from temptation of chocolate substituting coffee.   I’m a bit more tired than usual but perhaps this will help me get a better sleep pattern in order.

I’m hoping this downer will not last beyond the weekend, I don’t mean I am down but my functionality definately is. Mind you I noticed my skin looked fresher this morning so all is not lost.

 This is the first 3 days of a detox from chemically enhanced drinks, caffeine and granulated sugar….. Nothing good was supposed to be easy right?

To demonstrate why I’m doing this…. I had increased my weight dramatically 2 years ago whilst dealing with a huge setback in health due to B12 Deficiency see here for some of that story still unfolding A downward spiral of b12 deficiency

In September last year I decided to do something about it, i will write about this tomorrow but today I will show you the progress from mid December in weight loss to the start of the 30 day water challenge simply by new eating choices.  No gimics.  The water challenge if I can sustain it, get through the tough few first days and get to the end should speed things up.



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