The Best of My 1st Week of Blogging

So last week I took on a 30 day blogging challenge.  Always vocal and always writing on Facebook,  I have alot to say 😅 I’m still growing at nearly 42 years old and I love being creative.  I excelled in English writing, language and literature at school and loved Sociology so the 2 put together in the form of writing is …. Amazeballs!

So the first 7 days has been venturing into a few subjects but the central focus is…. people.  Understanding people is clearly what I am in wonderment about.

Everyday in real life I say something good totally random, in fact most of the day everyday I am randomly voicing my thoughts.  I like to make quips and make something real less daunting perhaps, more bareable or I make something terrible become something funny just by voicing my thoughts about hown it should be. I have a great sense of humour but to write down my humour may take effort or I fear …… have me in print,  out there…I’m not ready, I don’t know how to write my humour, I should perhaps just video my life haha.

I wrote 2 blogs so far leading to the discovery of my vitamin b12 dificiency and I know I have helped others discover and begin to overcome and deal with this crippling, debilitating condition.  I will write more on my blog, it will take diary form really quickly and by reading it, you may recognise yourself, if you do, I hope it helps you.  To follow this blog go to The initial b12 deficiency discovery  and A downward spiral of b12 deficiency

I also love my life always giving, time, kindness, why not?   If everyone did something for someone else a person  or animal I need on a daily basis, can you imagine how great the world can be?  I’ve given a very small insight here and I know already it prompted a friend to take action in a similar manner to the story I write here Is it really all bad or are we all capable of Paying it Forward?

Being a woman, I find woman interesting,  I love fashions, I had a fashion shop for a time, I adore bygone eras, rock and roll frocks, 30s, 40so,  50s frocks.  60s and 70s unique pieces and to get my unique pieces I shop in my local Charity shop Animals in Distress shop , Alhaurin el Grande and ask people to  help by buying there and donating there.  I talked about one era I like the clothing of in this link Could You Have Been A 1930’s Woman?  although I confess now, it’s not a fashion blog.  Women are also discussed by men just discovered so I took my humour a little and wrote my thoughts here Man makes effort to understand Women

We all need some self empowerment from time to time and some words don’t come so easily, especially if you’re English,  check out this link and see if you see yourself No. Learn it, use it, empower it.

5 Simple Rules towards Happiness there’s always something being posted in social media that brings you down or builds you up, I wanted to bring together some ideas to show that happiness lies in our own unique hands.  Let me know what you think.

Finally, I ended my first week blogging challenge with a 30 day personal challenge to myself beginning and invite any readers to join me, for details go to this link I’m Taking This 30 Day Challenge To Improve My Life

So far, my personal challenge to myself in the last 6 months has lead to my losing almost 20kg of the weight I gained during the first 18 months of my illness and then sitting down with myself, having a good old heart to heart and saying enough is enough.  It’s also a 2 finger salute to any traditional or social media or mind conditioning weight loss companies.  I’m doing it with good old fashioned common sense.   This new challenge is a detox with little effort….. or so I thought haha.

I hope you enjoyed some or all of my first week blogging. Where will it lead me?  Let’s see.  It’s allowing me to write to myself, to you if you’re reading. Where would I like it to lead me.  I would aspire to becoming a columnist, is it possible?

Love,  Karoline  x

If you find my blog interesting I'd be pleased to hear your thoughts

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