image I’m Taking This 30 Day Challenge To Improve My Life

 I was born In the 70’s.  As far as I’m aware we had no knowledge of this phenomenon.

At least not where I came from.

If You Take Part In This 30 Day



You’ll age more slowly than your peers


You’ll lose fat


You’ll have a stronger heart


Your mental creativity and performance will be boosted


Your memory will improve


Your immunity will be strengthened


Your hair will be stronger with more vitality


You will feel more joyful


Your sleep will improve


You’ll be in a perfect state of mind and body to thrust into the summer season




Drink ONLY water for 30 days!

No other liquids are permitted in this challenge

*If you fail one day, add it into your diary, keep going

On Day One

1. Take a Bare Faced Selfie (silent screams in my head hahaa)🤗

2.Weigh Yourself / Measure yourself (aggh)


UNTIL… Your 30 days are up. (Eeeeek)

Tell your friends, share your challenge to your social media, I’m guessing we all need support here.😨😨

3. Make a diary of your sleep patterns💤💤💤,  eating patterns, your attention span, items you read for interest, ANY and ALL physical activity.💃🐕

Don’t forget to eat! 😚💬

 DON’T deliberately change your eating schedule

 Then take a new selfie,  re-weigh yourself and check the improvements in your diary.

I will be sharing how I’m getting along and I will share my barefaced selfie from Day One.


I’ve researched and the recommended amount on average across the sources is 2.5 litres per day.  I’ll post regular anecdotes and expect feedback from anyone who dares brave this out with me.

To follow My progress and hopefully feel inspired please follow this blog


If you find my blog interesting I'd be pleased to hear your thoughts

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