image Man makes effort to understand Women

Can a man learn about women by reading? 

I was driving to work this week and a male presenter on the radio said he had tried to understand women by picking up a womens magazine.

I guess he was researching and thought he’d find all the answers in a source of information most easily available to all women and men alike.


He said, page 14 was asking

“Do you want your body bikini ready this summer?”

The page carried anecdotes of references to dieting and following strict regimes on food habits and exercise  –  To be fair to the guy reading the article likely felt emotional that we women even read this stuff, being cajoled and peer pressured into trying varying fads of the season. I mean….did you know it’s bad to eat a BANANA !?These kind of statements are when I switch off, get cross, really want to gouge the eyes out of the person professing this crass…..


I think better journalism should reflect real life and help women build change into their daily lives in a progressive way,not changing everything about our day to accomplish a swift result in a short space of time resulting in a lifetime of issues for young women and a turn the page for something more realistic for the older, less cajoled women amongst us…..if we’re wise enough.

The radio presenter turned to page 15. He described this page as

” Feel beautiful with who you are”

I like the sound of this page but I get his point.   The previous article was all about being thin making the reader believe this is the norm,  the expectations of society and if you ain’t cutting the mustard, following the crowd you ain’t gonna be wearing that bikini this summer! 


Page 15 by title will be telling us that it’s OK to be simply YOU, subtly guiding us to weather our cape of uniqueness, confident in our bodies, to put mind over matter and wear what makes you happy.  Hell!  Grab that bikini. Strut your stuff and show the world on the outside that you’re totally cool with that as you shine out in your attitude that you’re totally happy inside too!  If only all of us could carry this persona with ease.

So now the guy must be thinking…. what is it that makes a woman happy?


He turned to page 16 and found the answer in a baking recipe 😂😂😂😂😂


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  1. […] Being a woman, I find woman interesting,  I love fashions, I had a fashion shop for a time, I adore bygone eras, rock and roll frocks, 30s, 40so,  50s frocks.  60s and 70s unique pieces and to get my unique pieces I shop in my local Charity shop Animals in Distress shop , Alhaurin el Grande and ask people to  help by buying there and donating there.  I talked about one era I like tbe clothing of in this link Could You Have Been A 1930’s Woman?  although I confess now, it’s now a fashion blog.  Women are also discussed by men just discovered so I took my humour a little and wrote my thoughts here Man makes effort to understand Women […]


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