aside Is it really all bad or are we all capable of Paying it Forward?

For the first time in months I went into town.

There’s a guy outside an apartment block between shops badly trying to juggle a stick and a tatty ball for entertainment and his dog sitting watching

The guy looks to be in his early 20s. I drove by and parked in the underground. Looking at a whole heap of treats i had just collected as a Christmas donation to my multi pet rescued family i had a rummage. Part of me was saying “you had these things donated because you’re struggling, because you need them!”

The other much better and greater part of me was saying “share! You ALWAYS share, look at what you just saw, that man’s needs in this moment are much greater than yours!”   Correct? I’m a capable woman, I have good friends, I have the opportunity and opportunities to help myself and my pets and street animals even in the next hour by communicating to friends, writing in social media, sell something, work harder….


I picked out a bag of treats and left the carpark.  Walking up the street and turning right, I could see his juggling was having little success.

It’s not the first time I’ve done something like this but its the first time i had by circumstance had to wrangle with myself over self greed, preservation, need….but I had read a post the previous week on social media from a man in Liverpool so today I stopped and talked to this guy following the scousers example.

He was Dutch and I asked do you live here? He said “yes but I’m going to Tenerife In summer for work, then America. ”

“I asked did he always take his dog?”

He said” yes always he’s been with me in Fuengirola for 3 years.”

I thought about this exchange of conversation.  He could easily have blended into the background on the busy high street, knowing he’s there for a need yet people scurrying by choosing complete blindsight to just saying Hi!

“Hi!  Hope you get lucky today”  What does that cost us?  How do you think he would feel?

It’s nice he has dreams, big dreams still as it was clear he lives right nearby and on the streets. His rucksack told a story he didn’t want to divulge. I gave the dog the treats. He loved them. He was neutered and they are firm friends.

A woman came out of the apartment block, did the holy cross, shook her head and walked on by. He was harming no one just being there.

Completely ignoring the reason I had ventured so unusually into town,  I walked around the block, back to the car, grabbed a sack of cookies complete food for the dog,took a walking diversion to the Cafe Central, i ordered a coffee, with sugar and milk, a cheese and ham toastie and a bottle of water to go. I took them to him and told him to be lucky, have an easier day but to not give up. He didn’t hear me, he was already saying he wouldn’t have to panic today he could eat, his dog could eat for a few days if everyone else walked by and ignored him.


The expression of his face said everything I need to know.

As I drove by later he was sat eating and more people stopped to talk. He didn’t look so unapproachable now. Someone had clearly stopped and given him hope so others followed suit. It’s like everything In life …. if you walk away, people follow, if you show interest in something or someone, people want to know why. Lead by example and this world doesn’t need to be so crap for everyone.
That guy could so easily be many of us at some point in our lives but for the stroke of luck coming along.

Remember….. never approach before asking is it OK to talk to the dog. The response will tell you everything you need to know in that second. I’m not advocating you go and hug every stranger you see, there are dangerous folk out there but with a little common sense you might just change someones world even for an hour.


  1. If only everyone had a heart as big as you! While it is true that every person can make a difference, I think the sad fact is that the majority just don’t care. We, as a race, have become immune to suffering, we see so much of it. The people who have the most in this world are so focused on keeping what they have that they have no time or emapathy for anyone else, it is usually people who are struggling themselves who are the most giving…


  2. […] I also love my life always giving, time, kindness, why not?   If everyone did something for someone else a person  or animal I need on a daily basis, can you imagine how great the world can be?  I’ve given a very small insight here and I know already it prompted onew friend to take action in a similar manner to the story I write here Is it really all bad or are we all capable of Paying it Forward? […]


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