aside The initial b12 deficiency discovery

Mid November 2014 I had gone to see my family doctor asking him 2 questions.   1. Do you think I’m menopausal?  I’m 39 at this time and he asked me,” why? ”   I said …. ” My Mother was 39″. I remember as when  she was going through the worst of it at 43, I was a hormonal teenager and it led to a miserable clash of women at times both at differing yet important stages in life.  He still shook his head and asked me what my second question was.  I asked him to test my B12 level.  My Mother has and her Mother my beautiful Grandma had P.A. short for Pernicious Anaemia,  pernicious means killer, I had no idea even then but I knew I had the symptoms they had.

No problem, i was booked in the following week for tests, the bloods came back low,  I didn’t know the importance of the number back then but I do now. I was prescribed a monthly injection of B12 without further explanation.  I had my first jab on November 28th 2014.  Did you know? B12 deficiency is the disease of old people?   Exclusively if you speak to most medics!


It was the weekend, nothing seemed different,I was a little off but that was nothing new, a poorly feeling,  lethargic.  Nothing had changed.  I mustered on, dressed the Christmas tree, I enjoy doing that traditionally at the end of November and leaving it twinkling for all of December.  I was doing everything with all the energy I could gather to be normal and be able to talk about the nice things I did at the weekend when  I went to work on Monday,  do you know how awful,it is to answer “oh nothing, nothing really, I slept alot, was it sunny? Really?” When asked by your colleagues, ” hey, did you have a  nice weekend? Do anything nice?”  Woah, to admit constantly that life sucks, it’s full of things you want to do but with no energy, excitement or even being awake long enough.   Alot was riding on that injection having been the answer.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with B12 – seriously sometimes I feel like no one gets it and I have been having the injection since I was 21 and now 37! Although a doctor refused to give it to me for a number of years as I was apparently too young to possibly be B12 deficient!

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  2. It’s so true! The disease of old people and as I’ll demonstrate in later posts if treated when young, we will grow old with so much more grace, ease and dignity. I’m blogging a complete story using my experience as leverage in case others recognise themselves and are unaware. Please stay tuned.


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