aside A downward spiral of b12 deficiency

The morning of 1st December,I woke up as normal, went to the bathroom, staggered a little more than  usual. Had a shower, got dressed, made myself up to look great, masking how I was feeling and made coffee whilst the dogs played in the yard.  I sat out on the terrace looking through the trees across the field and suddenly it snapped. When  I say it, i mean my body, mind, heart,  head .  It began with a sudden cold sore on my lip, instant!   Ooooooooooooooh,  I hadn’t seen that coming I remember.  Then, snap and I mean SNAP! I felt what I can only describe as a snap in my head and suddenly there was 2 of everything!!!   Eh? Cover right eye, perfect vision, cover left eye, perfect.let go, 2! 2 cars,2 garden centres in the background,  double trouble dogs.


What to do?  Call an ambulance? Heck I can see and I live in the middle of nowhere here, what would I say.I need an ambulance because I have a cold sore and double vision?  I’m a 39 year old capable woman,I can do this. The dogs away, I got in the car and set offor down the mountain winking all the way. Really I should have gone 2 minutes up hill instead but I wasn’t thinking straight as it turns out.

I parked at the emergency health centre, illegally it turns out as my car got towed I discovered 2 days later when my husband followed my very weak instruction on where I thought I’d left it.


I left the car and was surprised to realise I felt i was stumbling along the pavement, ricocheting from the walls, falling up the long steps and through the double doors to a crowd of people all queueing for something or other. I spotted a table in the corner with the  word TRANSLATOR on a board propped in front of a kindly looking mid aged man.  My hands slammed onto the table to steady myself and I whispered,  please….breath….help…..breath……me……… he steadied me and whisked me around to emergency to check me in.  He asked how are you feeling?  I said……. things have changed since I left home, now I can barely breathe, I am numb all over, my heart is beating so fast,  my eyes, I’m losing sight now.  I don’t know what is happening to me but it’s frightening me to death, literally!

They tested my heart,  checked mainly for stroke symptoms, my face had fallen slightly and an ambulance was summoned to take me to the major hospital.

My husband arrived perplexed, neither of us knew what to expect.   I was given a lounge chair and saline drip and monitored for change.  That’s it.   Not very exciting is it? I was expecting to be sent home, I don’t know why. I just did, I said to my husband to wait in the family room whilst they checked me over, we can be home for dinner.

After a few hours i was checked into the ward,  turns out it was the high dependency ward.  A  night they said. My husband called in sick for me and said I hoped to be at work tomorrow. Which I did hope, really I did.


  1. Looking forward to the next installment to find out what happened! – great blog – I should really get on with mine as it’s been so neglected. Hope you’re getting some good treatment now xx

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  2. […] I wrote 2 blogs so far leading to the discovery of my vitamin b12 dificiency and I know I have helped others discover and begin to overcome and deal with this crippling, debilitating condition.  I will write more on my blog, it will take diary form really quickly and by reading it, you may recognise yourself, if you do, I hope it helps you.  To follow this blog go to The initial b12 deficiency discovery  and A downward spiral of b12 deficiency […]


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